Full-body home workout: this 30-day plan builds strength and definition

Get a stronger, firmer body with our slimming and sculpting weights workout from trainer Chris Richardson

Full-body home workout
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Want a stronger body without spending hours in the gym? Expect big changes in 30 days with this full-body home workout.

Celebrity trainer Chris Richardson has created a full-body home workout with a difference. Say hello to eccentric training! 

‘Eccentric training refers to the force a muscle produces as it lengthens, as opposed to (what most people do in the gym) the force when a muscle shortens,’ explains Chris, who is also co-founder of Zero Gravity Pilates

For example, focusing on the movement of lowering a dumbbell back down, rather than the curling up part. ‘This downward phase of exercises has the greatest impact on muscle development. And thanks to the intensity, it ramps up your after-burn too,’ adds Chris. 

In a nutshell, this workout will boost muscle strength in double-quick time. ‘Your strength will improve first, then you’ll notice more tone and definition,’ says Chris.

Full-body workout: Chris’s six sculpting moves

Before you get started on our 30-day challenge, first master these six key moves that the plan incorporates.

  • Split squat - best for lower body

Split squat

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Stand with your back facing a chair. Extend your left leg back and place the top of your foot on the chair. Squat down by flexing the knee and hip of the front leg until the knee of your rear leg is almost touching the floor. Push back up, switch legs and repeat on other side to complete one rep. 

  • Push press - best for shoulders

Push press

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You'll need some dumbbells for this move. If you haven't got a set already, we've picked what we think are the best adjustable dumbbells to add your home workout fit kit.

To do the move, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a pair of dumbbells. Bring weights up towards your ears, so elbows point down and palms are facing inwards. Push the weights above your head, then lower back to shoulders. 

  • Bent-over row - best for back and biceps

Bent-over row

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Stand with a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge forward at your waist, so your chest is over your feet and your arms are hanging down. Lift the dumbbells in towards your chest, pointing elbows out to the sides. Slowly lower back down. Keep your back straight and shoulders back at all times.

  • Single-leg deadlift - best for core and hamstrings

Single-leg deadlift

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Grab a dumb-bell or kettlebell in your right hand and let it hang down at arm’s length in front of your thigh. Lift your left leg a few inches off the floor behind you. Hinge forwards at your hips and lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Let your left leg stretch out behind you with toes pointed down to the floor. Return to starting position and repeat on other side. 

  • Goblet squat - best for bum and thighs

Goblet squat

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Stand holding a light kettlebell close to your chest. Squat down until your hamstrings are on your calves. Pause, then return to standing. Be sure to keep your head and chest up and your back straight.

  • Dumbbell sit-up - best for abdominals

Dumbbell sit-up

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Lie down with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place a dumb-bell in your hands and hold to your chest. Engage your core to roll up, so that your dumb-bell touches your knees. Lower back down in a controlled move. 

Full-body workout: your 30-day challenge

Now that you’ve got the moves down, it’s time to put them to work with our 30-day full-body workout challenge.

A few final words of advice come from Chris, who says: ‘Don’t ignore the upward phase of the exercise. Be explosive with this part to get your muscles ring and burning fat.’ 

He adds: ‘Once you’re able to complete the full range of motion on each exercise, you can increase the weight.’

Now let’s do this!

Day 1

3 x Split squat

3 x Bent-over row

3 x Push press 

Day 2

4 x Split squat

4 x Bent-over row

4 x Push press 

Day 3

5 x Split squat

5 x Bent-over row

5 x Push press 

Day 4

6 x Split squat

6 x Bent-over row

6 x Push press 

Day 5

7 x Split squat

7 x Bent-over row

7 x Push press 

Day 6

8 x Split squat

8 x Bent-over row

8 x Push press 

Day 7

9 x Split squat

9 x Bent-over row

9 x Push press 

Day 8

Rest day. Consider doing some recovery exercises - we've picked the best foam rollers to help.

Day 9

10 x Split squat

10 x Bent-over row

10 x Push press 

Day 10

11 x Split squat

11 x Bent-over row

11 x Push press 

Day 11

12 x Split squat

12 x Bent-over row

12 x Push press 

Day 12

3 x Split squat

13 x Bent-over row

13 x Push press 

Day 13

14 x Split squat

14 x Bent-over row

14 x Push press 

Day 14

15 x Split squat

15 x Bent-over row

15 x Push press 

Day 15

6 x Split squat

16 x Bent-over row

16 x Push press 

Day 16

3 x Goblet squat

3 x Single-leg dead lift

3 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 17

4 x Goblet squat

4 x Single-leg dead lift

4 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 18

5 x Goblet squat

5 x Single-leg dead lift

5 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 19

6 x Goblet squat

6 x Single-leg dead lift

6 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 20

7 x Goblet squat

7 x Single-leg dead lift

7 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 21

8 x Goblet squat

8 x Single-leg dead lift

8 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 22

9 x Goblet squat

9 x Single-leg dead lift

9 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 23

Rest day - time to get that foam roller out again!

Day 24

10 x Goblet squat

10 x Single-leg dead lift

10 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 25

11 x Goblet squat

11 x Single-leg dead lift

11 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 26

2 x Goblet squat 

12 x Single-leg dead lift

12 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 27

13 x Goblet squat

13 x Single-leg dead lift

13 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 28

14 x Goblet squat 

14 x Single-leg dead lift

14 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 29

15 x Goblet squat

15 x Single-leg dead lift

15 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

Day 30

16 x Goblet squat

16 x Single-leg dead lift

16 x Dumb-bell sit-up 

If you've made it this far, congratulations! You've completed our 30-day full-body workout.

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