Are Peloton treadmills worth the money?

Customers are worried about how the Peloton subscription for the Tread+ has changed

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The Peloton Tread only launched last year - but it hasn't been a very smooth ride.

Now fans of the fitness empire are concerned about how the Peloton subscription for the Tread+ has changed - meaning you can't just jump on the treadmill and start running if you don't have their more expensive all-access package. 

If you've heard murmurings of it on Twitter there's no need to worry though, as the 'Just Run' feature is coming back. It's down to a software update and safety feature, Treadlock, that the company has installed on the treadmills.

Better still, Peloton is aware of the impact on its non-all-access subscribers and is offering them the full package for the next three months - for free. If that's convinced you Peloton is worth picking up, especially at discount, make sure to check our Black Friday treadmill deals in case any bargains crop up.

It's not the first time Peloton Treads have been under fire though - with the Tread+ being recalled in May after serious injuries were reported. There are many other options for at-home treadmills, other than Peloton though, so if you're worried about this feature, check out our guide to the best treadmills 

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So, at nearly $4000 are Peloton Treads+, which are only available in the US, and their access-all subscriptions worth it?

The luxury treadmills feature a 32-inch HD touchscreen, a shock-absorbing slat belt and speeds that go up to 12.5mph. The immersive experience is also big for them - with access to thousands of classes, meaning you won't just be running, but can sign up to live and on-demand marathon training, sprints and incline training classes - with an instructor encouraging you every step of the way.

While the all-access subscriptions, which are priced at $39, and can be used by your whole household, gives you access to the live classes, with leaderboards, giving you the effect of being in a real class. The cheaper subscription gives you access to all the on-demand classes, including a tread Bootcamp and running classes. And even if you don't own a Peloton bike or tread you can still benefit from the subscription - with on-demand fitness classes and audio running tracks.

Peloton also launched their smaller tread this month in the US, with a smaller screen. The tread, which is available in the UK, is nearly half the price of the Tread+ at $2495.

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