Build a stronger core and boost your balance in just 17 minutes with this weighted abs workout

Strengthening your core improves your posture, increases your stability, and promotes circulation

Man doing a weighted abs workout at home
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We all know about the aesthetic appeal of abdominal muscles. After all, who among us hasn't, at some point, dreamed of having that perfect six-pack? But there's more to training your midsection than visually impressive muscle. 

Aside from looks, developing your abdominal muscles with core strengthening exercises can boost your performance, improve your range of movement when twisting and bending, and promote circulation for effective recovery. 

If you're looking for a way to develop your core muscle even when you're short on time, this 17-minute abs workout from fitness duo Tiff x Dan is a great place to start—all you need is a dumbbell and a yoga mat

Dan uses a 15lb/7kg dumbbell, although it's best to choose a load that'll challenge you but won't affect your form, which is vital so you don't arch your lower back during the exercises. 

The aim is to do each move for 45 seconds, with a 15-second rest period between them. You can follow along with Dan's demonstrations to practice your technique and get the most from your training. 

Watch Tiff x Dan's 17-minute abs workout

These moves include classics such as Russian twists, crunches, and plank variations. For each move, try and keep your core engaged and keep your head still and your feet planted on the floor where applicable.

If you are struggling at any point, you may wish to lower the dumbbell weight, which is simple, especially if you have an adjustable dumbbell set as part of your home gym. These customizable weights combine several in one, making them practical and easy to store.  

This routine marks day 13 of Dan’s two-week ab challenge, with each daily workout increasing in duration, starting from the first five-minute abs session. He has designed day 13's routine to target your whole core, rather than focusing solely on your abs. 

Although people use the terms interchangeably, there are differences between abs and core training. Your abdominals form part of your core, so if you solely do the best abs workouts, that will strengthen your core, but not comprehensively. 

You may also be surprised to find that less-intense practices like yoga can also be a great way to bolster your core strength, particularly if you take on a dedicated core yoga session to target your mid-section. 

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