Build core strength without weights in just 10 minutes

This short, equipment-free yoga routine boosts your flexibility and builds core muscle

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Ab workouts are usually sweaty, intense affairs, built around multiple core-focused moves like crunches and sit-ups. Fortunately, this yoga-inspired routine stretches your muscles, improves your flexibility, and strengthens your core in just 10 minutes,

You don't need any equipment to start, though it's worth rolling out one of the best yoga mats for the short workout. These mats have a grippy surface to help you stay in place while holding the moves and add some comfort for floor-based exercises.

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Gaiam Premium 5mm Yoga Mat | $69.98,  $54.98 at Amazon

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Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mat | $119.95,  $84.85 at Amazon

Transform any room into a home workout space or yoga studio with this spacious and padded mat. When you buy this 8mm mat that's currently on offer for 29% cheaper, you will also receive a microfiber towel plus a carry bag for free!

The routine, developed by Alo Moves instructor Christa Janine, is designed to "stretch out any tension", using several yoga poses, and build your core with ab-focused moves like hollow holds, flutter kicks, and heel reaches. 

It's a short session, split into two rounds of five minutes. This makes it ideal as a quick workout when you're tight on time, especially as you can cut it down to five minutes if needed or add it to your regular exercise plan as a core-focused finisher.

You don't need an in-depth knowledge of yoga, as Janine guides you through the routine, so you can follow along and perfect your technique. She also narrates the steps, so you can keep track even if you're only listening with a set of the best workout earbuds.

Watch Alo Moves' 10-minute Power Flow routine

If you want to strengthen your mid-body muscle, then core yoga can be an accessible way to get started. Yoga routines are designed to focus you on your form, making minor adjustments to your posture, which quickly make the hold more effective.

People often talk about your core and abs interchangeably, although there are differences between the two. Your rectus abdominis, also known as the six-pack ab muscle, forms part of your core, a section of mid-body muscle responsible for posture, balance, and stability.

Building core muscle strengthens the connection between your upper and lower body, which improves your workout performance and makes everyday tasks like lifting or walking more manageable. But there are other benefits to this short yoga routine too.

According to a study published in the journal Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, yoga can improve your cardio fitness, endurance, and muscular strength with regular practice, like with this 15-minute yoga for mobility session.

Yoga is sometimes called moving meditation for its ability to help you focus on the present moment. If you're after a less dynamic way to bring some mindfulness into your day, then you could try learning how to meditate instead.

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