15 minutes, three moves, and no equipment to build strength all over

Develop full-body muscle, improve your balance, and boost your metabolism in just 15 minutes without weights

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The key to a successful exercise plan is consistency, so it pays not to overcomplicate things. 

If you're short on time or motivation, unrolling your yoga mat for a quick at-home bodyweight session can be a great way to get moving (especially if the alternative was to swerve your training altogether). 

This three-move routine from personal trainer Berenice Salazar (@ladyfit) is ideal for times like these, strengthening your upper and lower body, raising your heart rate, boosting your balance, and burning energy in less than 15 minutes. 

To try it for yourself, perform the three exercises—skater jumps, inchworm push-ups and jumping lunges—for 10 repetitions each, resting as little as possible between them. Repeat this three-move sequence for four rounds, in total to complete the workout. 

Watch Salazar's video below to see her demo each movement and practice each one to perfect your technique. Then, when you feel comfortable with all the moves, you're ready to get stuck in. 

Watch Berenice Salazar's three-move full-body workout

While there are only three exercises in this workout, they've been specially selected to work a wide range of muscles, developing strength and power throughout your body. 

The inchworm push-ups and jumping lunges are both compound exercises, meaning they work multiple muscle groups at once. For example, inchworm push-ups will activate muscles in your chest, shoulder and triceps, while jumping lunges recruit leg muscles like your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and glutes. 

The jumping lunges and skater jumps can also be defined as plyometric exercises, tasking your muscles to produce force quickly (or, put simply: jump). As a result, they can help you build leg strength and coordination while also delivering some bonus cardio perks. 

However, as plyometric exercises require explosive power, it's particularly important to prime your muscles ahead of attempting them to avoid injury. Read our guide on how to warm up to learn about the best ways to prepare your body for exercise.

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