Build muscle all over in just 15 minutes with this 12-move kettlebell workout

This short routine develops your core and strengthens muscles in your legs, arms, and back for a full-body workout

Two women doing kettlebell goblet squats
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When your day is jam-packed and you only have a few minutes to spare, a time-efficient workout can help you squeeze in some mood-boosting movement. And if you're looking for a great place to start, this full-body routine only takes 15 minutes. 

The only thing you need is a bit of space, 15 minutes to spare, and one of the best kettlebells. These weights work your core for stability, while engaging your upper and lower body, especially during kettlebell swings

The workout comes from personal trainer Roxanne Russell. To give it a go, perform each exercise for 60 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, then move on to the next one — it really is that simple.

If this is your first time performing many of these exercises, Russell recommends picking a lighter weight you feel comfortable with and take each movement slowly. This will allow you to focus on your form while minimizing your risk of injury. 

Watch Roxanne Russell's 15-minute kettlebell workout

In this routine you'll tackle movements including goblet squats, Romanian deadlifts, glute bridges and alternating bent-over rows. These are all compound exercises, recruiting more than one muscle group at once — perfect for time-savvy training. 

For example, the alternating bent-over rows will work muscles in your back and biceps, while Romanian deadlifts can build strength in your legs, glutes (backside) and lower back. 

These exercises also test your stability, providing a bonus core workout as your mid-body muscles work to support your spine and keep you balanced. And a stronger core also helps connect your upper and lower body, improving your posture and making every day tasks like carrying groceries easier. 

But because it works muscles all over your body, after a strength training workout like this, it's important to follow a proper recovery routine including cool-down stretches, ample rest and sufficient protein intake. 

This will help reduce the effects of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) as you encourage your body to repair the tiny tears in your muscle fibers to strengthen and grow your muscles. 

That's why many people use a post-workout smoothie with one of the best protein powders for weight loss to stay topped up on protein, recover faster, and build lean muscle. 

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