Build stronger abs with this 10-minute no-equipment workout

If you're short on time, Fraser Wilson's routine is a quick abs-blast you can do from anywhere

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As our calendars fill up again, it's not always easy to carve out time for a long training session. Thankfully, you don't need to spend hours at the gym to build core strength; just this 10-minute abs workout you can do from anywhere.

If your goal is a stronger core and six-pack abs, it's worth adding the best workouts for abs into your regular workout routine. However, this short session is ideal for days when you're tight on time but still want a quick abs blast.

The routine comes courtesy of fitness YouTuber Fraser Wilson, best known for his at-home muscle-building workouts with the best adjustable dumbbells. Helpfully, though, this routine is entirely equipment-free, so you don't need the gym, and it takes just 10 minutes to complete.

Wilson uses a variety of different exercises to make the most of this short session. Plus, he keeps the intensity high to achieve ab-defining results, with just three 30-second rest periods in the program.

Watch Fraser Wilson's 10-minute ab workout

While building a six-pack is a goal in its own right, there are other reasons to develop mid-body strength. Your abs form part of your core, a section of muscle responsible for boosting your balance and exercise performance, according to a study published in the journal PLoS One

By training your core, you'll also lower your risk of injury, improve your posture, and even reduce lower back pain. Building strength in this region promotes better circulation, too, which helps during exercise and for post-workout recovery. 

There are no repeats in this routine, and Wilson keeps things interesting with a mix of moves, including plank variations, crunches, sit ups, leg raises, and Russian twists. Even the rests involve stretches and yoga moves like child's pose.

Although not the case here, ab routines often lean heavily on just a handful of exercises, which is why many of us imagine abs workouts to be one long round of crunches. Thankfully, squats are also an effective way to achieve a stronger core.

Squats work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, promoting muscle growth and increasing the amount of energy you burn during the exercise. Learning how to do a barbell squat adds weights to the mix to improve muscle-building potential.

Alternatively, kettlebell swings are the one move you need to build core strength and stronger legs. With one of the best kettlebells, this exercise improves cardio fitness, burns fat, and develops lower body muscle.

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