Build stronger abs with this 20-minute dumbbell workout

This short, intense routine will make your abs burn to build six-pack muscle and a stronger core

Man doing a dumbbell abs workout
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You don't have to spend hours on crunches and sit-ups to get toned abs. Of course, these are essential moves, but there's more to developing a stronger core than endless reps. 

If you're looking for variety, it's worth using the best workouts for abs in your routine. These moves are mostly equipment-free, so you can do them wherever you are and work them into your schedule. 

But if you're after a challenge, add some weights into the mix with this 20-minute dumbbell abs workout. You'll fit an impressive 30 moves into the session, all designed to give your core an intense workout. 

The routine comes from YouTube trainer Fraser Wilson, known for his fat-burning, muscle-building at-home workouts. He guides you through the moves, so all you need is a set of the best adjustable dumbbells

Watch Fraser Wilson's 20-minute abs dumbbell workout

Although six-pack muscle is visually impressive, building a stronger core has many benefits, like promoting blood flow, improving stability, and reducing the risk of injury. Importantly, it also improves workout performance and posture. 

Wilson recently took to Instagram to offer advice to anyone training their core. The trainer noted that "a few perfectly executed reps will provide you more benefit than a bunch of poorly executed ones."

"Develop a patient aspect to training, you don't always need to lift the heaviest or with the most intensity. Slow things down and execute with intention," he concluded. 

Although it might be hard to see the link between weights training and yoga, he's advocating for a similar approach. You're developing a connection between your mind and body during a yoga practice.

By keeping attention on your body as you move, you're able to adjust the poses to suit how you feel right now. This helps focus on your form to get the most benefit from the exercise. 

If you've not tried yoga before, it's worth starting with this yoga breathing exercise. This focused breath training helps regulate oxygen levels, which are crucial for weight lifting performance.  

Wilson's routine is pretty intense, which is why he recommends you only do it two or three times per week. Pick up one of the best abs rollers to keep your core burning on those in-between days. 

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