Burn fat fast with this 30-minute dumbbell workout

Grab a set of weights, set a timer for 30 minutes, and get ready for this short, effective workout

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As we get towards the end of the year, you're probably running short on exercise time. It can be hard to schedule your training between planning events, social gatherings, and the December work rush. 

But you don't need hours each day to stay fit over the holiday season. Instead, pick up a set of the best adjustable dumbbells and get involved with this fat-burning 30-minute full-body routine. 

The session, led by Maddie Lymburner, known by her YouTube handle MadFit, is part of the instructor's December challenge, with a new workout each day across the month. If you can't get hold of a dumbbell, you can still do with routine without weights. 

Like fellow online trainer Joe Wicks, Maddie's exercise sessions are accessible, so they're an excellent option for beginners too. Lymburner does the entire session along with you, so you can use the video to follow along and perfect your form.

Watch MadFit's full-body strength workout

This is vital for avoiding injury, especially when working with weights. If this is your first resistance session, you'll feel the effects the next day. Delayed Onset Muscle soreness can be difficult, but there are plenty of DOMS recovery tips to speed up the process.

HIIT routines are ideal for when you're running short on time, but they are also a great way to stay in shape. You train hard for 40 seconds with a 20-second rest before tackling the next move. 

This keeps the intensity high and your heart rate up throughout the session. So, it's effective exercise, but it also means the fat-burning effects continue for hours after too. 

If you're after a challenge, you can add dumbbells or other weights like the best kettlebells into the routine. This way, you'll drop even more fat and develop muscle simultaneously. 

Similarly, if your goal is to build muscle, you can apply the same high-intensity principles to your strength workouts with High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT). 

If you go this route, it's crucial to focus on the basics and learn how to lift weights. Not only will this stop you from getting injured, but it'll also make each rep more effective so that you can reach your goals quicker.

Whatever your ambition, it's worth investing in one of the best fitness watches to track your progress. These wrist-worn devices have built-in GPS, monitor your sleep, and track your workouts. 

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