Dumbbell workout: The 30-minute circuit to burn fat while toning your abs & arms

This simple 30-minute dumbbell workout helps you torch fat and work your whole body at the same time

Dumbbell workout
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2020 may be over, but the ongoing global health crisis shows no sign of slowing down. With many gyms closed due to regional and national lockdowns across the world, lots of us have instead ordered a pair of the best adjustable dumbbells and started working out at home. 

Don't have a dumbbell routine to follow, or looking for something different? This simple 30-minute routine by expert personal trainer Sophia Rose is designed to work your whole body. Originally published on our Instagram (where you can win a load of vegan goodies if you visit right now), we've got the entire routine right here to follow along. 

Dumbbell workout: The benefits

Adjust the weight on your dumbbells to something you can comfortably lift and get moving. This workout contains a whole bunch of compound movements like squat thrusters, which are designed to work your upper body, lower body and core at the same time. 

Exercising all these different muscle groups at the same time makes this workout time-efficient if you want to build more lean muscle. In addition, compound movements mean your muscles are all demanding oxygen at the same time. This works your body harder, raising your metabolism to create a fat-burning effect.

The workout also contains lots of yoga-inspired movements designed to work your core, as well as the more dynamic strength and conditioning exercises.

Isometric yoga poses, which means they're held for a short period of time rather than based on movements, have been found to improve core strength. One study, from the International Journal of Sports and Health Science said "sports and fitness trainers should include yoga exercises in their programs to strengthen core muscles".

If you can't access gyms where you are (or you simply don't have the time to head to the gym today), you can always grab a little floor space and two light dumbbells for this 30-minute strength and conditioning circuit.


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