Get a 30-minute full body workout with just three moves

You don't need any equipment to get the most from this intense all-body fitness challenge

Woman doing a push up
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When picturing an intense workout, you probably imagine weights, exercise machines, and complex moves. While there's definitely a place for all of these in your exercise routine, you can get your muscles working, and heart racing with just a few essential bodyweight moves. 

Fitness trainer Jordan Yeoh sets out a 30-minute fitness challenge with only three moves in a new YouTube video. The program gets more intense as time passes to prevent boredom from setting in, leaving you invigorated but exhausted by the end. 

The best part is that you don't need any equipment, so you can work out wherever you are. It's still worth investing in a set of the best cross training shoes for comprehensive support, though. These shoes are designed to be comfortable for a range of exercises, including sports, HIIT workouts, and weights sessions. 

Watch Jordan Yeoh's 30 minute fitness challenge

Yeoh's challenge is broken up into 10 stages of three minutes, with a minute per move. There are just three exercises involved, including push ups, squats, and half burpees. The aim is to complete the set number of reps in the time, which gradually increases across each stage. 

For stage one, you'll complete 10 reps of each move. With each stage, you add two more reps to the total. So, by stage 10, you'll finish 28 reps in a single minute. It's a challenging workout, but you don't need to fret if you don't hit the targets, as neither does Jordan!

Yeoh pushes himself to 28 push ups and 28 squats in the final stage before calling it a day at 19 half burpees. Although the rep goals are a crucial part of the challenge and help keep you motivated, it's essential to keep your form for each move to get the most from the exercise and avoid injuring yourself. 

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned practitioner, it's worth looking over how to do a push up so you can perform the move safely, build muscle, and make it through the challenge's rep targets. 

With such an intense workout, your muscles will probably feel quite sore the following day. Keeping one of the best foam rollers nearby means you can massage the aching areas, help the muscles recover, and get back to your workout routine in no time. 

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