Home workouts: The 30-minute bodyweight circuit you can make easy or hard

This 30-minute bodyweight home workout is perfect for every fitness level

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If you've tried to find new workouts online before, chances are you frequently run across different exercises which are too easy, or too hard. You need a workout which is "just right", like Goldilocks, but routines online can't cater to everyone's needs individually. 

Rob, personal trainer and founder of Imperium Fitness & Nutrition, recently took over Fit&Well's Instagram account, in order to show you a workout which can be altered to make it easier or more difficult depending on your fitness level. 

"You may not be able to complete every single rep in the workout, and that's ok," said Rob. "That's not the point. You've laid the foundation for what you're going to do next time. Take a break, rest and recover, and add one more to the set."

Check out the workout in full below:

Rob uses dynamic core movements like the inchworm, which work your whole body, but can be extremely challenging for beginners. This philosophy encourages you to do only what you can manage (three reps, for example) on the condition you decide to try an additional rep afterwards. 

The International Journal of Exercise Science found that higher frequency improves lean mass and strength, which helps you stay fit and lose weight. 

Home Workouts: Why core training is essential

This workout also incorporates lots of core strengthening more, like shoulder-touching planks. There's a few big reasons why you should be working your core: it assists with standing up and walking (you, know, two essential activities), and will continue to make these simple tasks easier in later life. 

Our muscle naturally deteriorates as we age, undergoing a process known as "atrophy". The stronger our muscles are, the slower these muscles age, keeping you strong and active in your later years. 

In addition, this exercise contains push ups and squats, creating a circuit you can do at home that works your entire body. It's the perfect lockdown solution.

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