"I've practiced yoga since my early 20s. I'm 71 now, and found this flow to be exactly what I needed": Here's why everyone loves the latest Yoga with Adriene video

This beginner yoga flow is grounding and balancing for everyone

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The internet's favorite yoga instructor has released a yoga flow for beginners video, but it's not just for newbies. Adriene Mischler of YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene has 12.7 million subscribers and even her more experienced followers are enjoying it.

This mindful, slow-paced yoga sequence is a great introduction to Vinyasa or flow yoga. There are no wobbly balances to hold or challenging standing poses requiring thighs of steel. It's just a nourishing, grounding routine that will help you get into a lovely flowing rhythm.

"The perfect yoga flow doesn’t exis…. oh wait, for me, this is it," writes Mischler. "More and more I find myself feeling drawn to the intentional, smoother, subtle body connections that can be found in slower, more mindful flows."

This flow is already proving a hit, as the appreciative comments on the video show. @MarieGodf calls it a "beautiful reminder that it is ok to be a beginner and that we should sometimes activate our beginner's eyes again", while @christinarave says, "A great one for all including experienced yogis. It's good to smooth and slow it down every once in a while."

The idea that this beginner session is useful for anyone, no matter their level, comes up over and over and again in the comments. "No matter how long I've been practicing yoga, these beginner sessions are so grounding," says @ramen833, while @victoriamorrison6338 says "I've practiced yoga since my early 20s. I'm 71 now, and found this flow to be exactly what I needed this morning."

How to do the routine

You’ll need a mat and a block. If you don't have a block you could use a thick book, although you can also do the routine without any props. If you're interested in buying a block, here are three options.

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Whether you're new to yoga, are coming back to it after a break, or are an experienced yogi with a regular practice, you'll find the poses manageable but effective. Moving in and out of poses rather than holding them for a longer period means you can find your own rhythm and it puts less strain on the body.

The yoga sequence takes you through many well-known moves that will help with mobility and flexibility. You'll move gently through cat-cow, bird dog, child's pose, downward-facing dog, forward folds and halfway lifts. Low lunge, crescent lunge, side bends, plank, cobra, twists, and a low shoulder bridge all appear in this sequence.

Mischler encourages you to play and find your most comfortable version of the poses, moving with the breath at your own pace. Concentrating on your breathing brings a certain mindfulness to this sequence. "We’re going to keep a focus on the breath the entire time," says Mischler at the beginning of the video.

@fluffyross2297 commented: "Great practice, I don't think I've ever breathed so much in all my life lol... I really enjoyed how slow and gentle this yoga practice was."

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