Inspired by The Rock's 'Walk of Hell'? Here's how to create your own leg routine

Dwayne Johnson's intense workouts are legendary, but you don't have to train like him to see results

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is known for his extreme workouts. In a recent Instagram video, he showed off his 'Walk of Hell' leg routine, but you don't have to train like The Rock to get a stronger lower body.

Stars like Johnson have popularized the idea of specific days to train areas of your body, but there's no reason you can't integrate some of the best leg workouts into your usual full-body routine too.

Developing leg muscle plays a crucial role in preventing injury and building a stronger, more stable base for other exercises. But your lower body is also vital for cardio-focused activities like running, which is why many of us aspire to complete the Walk of Hell.

The Rock's extreme exercise comes from a behind-the-scenes look at a recent ad shoot on Instagram. As part of the commercial, Johnson wrapped 120 pounds of large chains around his neck then did walking lunges through his workout space.

It's an impressive achievement, but it shouldn't come as much of a surprise; Johnson is known for his driven personality and dedication to sculpting a larger-than-life body. But that doesn't mean we need to aim for The Rock-levels of muscle.

Watch The Rock's Walk of Hell leg workout

Social media often promotes an unrealistic body image, with strategic lighting placement or other interventions like fasting before taking a photo of six-pack abs. Others edit the picture, which is why altered images may need a warning label.

But what you usually don't see is the hours of tough training, early mornings, and down moments it can take to hit your fitness goals. Johnson even shared how he stays motivated to keep powering through in the past.

In The Rock's case, his brand is built around his body, so he can afford to spend most of the day training, and his Hollywood success means he can pay for the most expensive trainers, nutritionists, and equipment.

And while it'd be great to wake up one day and complete the Walk of Hell without training, if you struggle with the toughest challenge, it's hard to stay motivated to train and hit the goal later. Instead, it's better to set realistic targets for sustainable progress.

Some people find that a month-long plan can help get them into the routine. If that sounds like you, then this 30-day leg challenge might be just what you need. It's mostly equipment-free and can be done from anywhere.

If you're looking to kit out your home gym, you could even invest in some of the best exercise machines for legs. Rowing machines, exercise bikes, and the leg press help work your lower body for long-lasting results.

Maybe you've been considering leg workouts, but joint pain has held you back. In that case, add some of the best supplements for joints to your diet to ease the pain and make activities like walking or exercise more comfortable.

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