Looking for a no-equipment workout? Try this muscle-building workout on your stairs

If you don't have any gym equipment this stair routine burns fat while building muscle in your legs, arms, core and glutes

Woman workouts on her stairs
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Home-gym equipment is super popular right now, but also not a necessity for achieving your fitness goals. If you want to burn fat and tone up without the gym, you can – you just have to be smart about it (and of course, committed). If you have a set of stairs at home, then this workout is great for training your whole body in one session.

Bodyweight exercises, or calisthenics as some refer to them, come in handy if you want to build muscle at home without relying on buying weights such as a best kettlebell. Also, some of the best exercises for weight loss are fully reliant on bodyweight and can be made a little harder with this stair-based workout.

This routine doesn't require any equipment. If you don't have stairs where you live you can even complete this workout on steps outdoors somewhere quiet. You will be using different muscle groups, so make sure to warm up with five minutes of stretching on one of our best yoga mats.

The workout was posted by personal trainer and Sweat co-founder Kayla Itsines and it's an excellent way to build msucle all-over including your arms, legs, glutes and core. 

The routine has a mixture of cardio and strength based exercises, which is a good way to burn calories and strengthen and tone your body at the same time.


The fitness empire that Itsines has built through her social media channels is best known for making fitness available to everyone and her workouts are tailored for home use.

However, this one was particularly dedicated to anyone who is having to isolate right now because of COVID but isn't sick. Many people have had to isolate because family members or friends have gotten ill from the virus and this workout is one to keep those don't have it active whilst stuck inside.

Itsines wrote: "I GET IT. By day 5 of isolating, you're looking around your house for things to do other than watch Netflix, walk laps around your living room or clean out your wardrobe... again!"

"If you have stairs at home, this quick stairs workout should take away the boredom for a while!", she added.

Staying fit is especially important as recent research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that patients with COVID who lived a more sedentary lifestyle were at greater risk of developing a severe form of COVID.

However unmotivating it can feel being trapped inside for a prolonged period of time, it will benefit you to stay active and moving around regularly. This isn't just so you avoid catching COVID and any prolonged or serious outcomes from it but also to help you feel good mentally and physically.

And if you do fancy adding a bit of equipment to your home workouts a set of best resistance bands is a cheap and space-effective option to improve both your strength and mobility.

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