Peloton make CrossFit athlete Logan Aldridge its first adaptive instructor

CrossFit Athlete Logan Aldridge joins Peloton in efforts to make fitness accessible to everyone

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Exercise is open for anyone to try but it is especially encouraging to see fitness brands work with athletes who also represent everybody. This is why it is inspiring news to hear of Peloton welcoming CrossFit athlete Logan Aldridge as its first adaptive instructor. 

Peleton holds a reputable reputation in the fitness sphere for selling some of the best exercise bikes and best treadmills on the market right now. As well as selling home gym equipment they also deliver workouts and professional input right to people's doors making staying fit more accessible.

However, the work doesn't stop there and is why they very recently introduced active amputee athlete, Logan Aldridge, as Peloton's first adaptive training consultant and future instructor.

Peleton announce its new adaptive instructor on Twitter

Aldridge lost one of his arms in a wakeboarding incident as a teenager but didn't let this event stop him from becoming an accomplished athlete later in life. He has set some impressive PRs in his weightlifting career such as a 501-pound deadlift at the 2021 CrossFit Games and a 225-pound clean and jerk at the 2021 Bacon Beatdown.

Now Aldridge's focus is on making fitness training inclusive for everyone. The adaptive athlete comes with a wealth of knowledge in this field from co-founding and directing training at the Adaptive Training Academy where he researches and leads courses on making exercise accessible to everyone, despite ability.

In a Peloton interview Aldridge said, "My experience in the fitness industry and working with this population has highlighted the barriers to entry. 

"The Peloton platform provides an opportunity for a solution to get this population access and empowerment. I can’t wait to empower Members living with disabilities to discover their potential through connected fitness with Peloton!"

With Peloton welcoming adaptive CrossFit athlete, Logan Aldridge, onto its team of experts it feels like a step in the right direction toward making fitness training accessible to everybody of all abilities.

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