Real life weight loss: How this Arizona woman lost 134lbs (and kept it off)

Christina's emerging Type 2 diabetes was a wake-up call: she lost over 130lbs by becoming a nutrition expert

Christina lost 134lbs through careful diet
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Christina Jordan, 40, from Arizona, lost 134lbs naturally after being 271lbs for as long as she could remember. 

However, through learning to eat healthily, exercise regularly and embrace a healthier lifestyle, Christina managed to lose a huge 134lbs and kept it off with the help of her family.

"I would sneak away from high school and eat an entire bag of bagels in my car," she told our sibling YouTube channel, Truly. As she got older and became a mother, the situation didn't improve: her obesity made her lose her vision whilst she was carrying her baby down the stairs, causing the child to fall. 

It made her realize that losing weight "wasn't looking a certain way or weighing a certain magic number, it’s really life or death". 

Watch Christina's inspiring weight loss journey below:

After this incident, she decided to change her life to be healthier for her children. Christina then went to nutrition school to try and learn why she couldn’t lose weight after six different doctors couldn’t figure it out. 

Going back to school ‘transformed’ her whole life as she learnt that she didn't need to starve herself and instead had to eat ‘more real foods’. She is now a Master Nutritionist and helps people lose weight by fixing their relationship with food.

Christina and her family can be seen blending up smoothies full of fresh fruit and spinach (using, of course, one of the best blenders) and working out together. This is great for motivation: research from the experts at Tohoku University, Japan examined Dutch and Japanese marriages and found the couple's body shapes and risk of lifestyle-induced diseases also matched each other quite closely. 

You're more likely to eat healthy and lose weight if it's a team effort: getting some of the best workout equipment for home can transform your household into a healthier place to be. 

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