Real Life Weight Loss: How this former 310lbs man became a competitive bodybuilder

Gill from Guam lost 130lbs before discovering bodybuilding and entering competitions, not letting loose skin hold him back

Real life weight loss
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Gill from Guam, USA admits to struggling with his weight his whole life. At 17 years old, and in his senior year at school, he weighed 270lbs and was addicted to gaming.

"I love playing online, but I'm basically sitting and shovelling food into my mouth whenever I want," said Gill. "Growing up, I was always the chubby kid, I never fit in. 

"I would say the lowest moment of my life was January 2018. I came home frustrated after school, and I looked at myself in the mirror for an hour." At his heaviest, Gill tipped the scales at 310lbs, which is when he knew he needed to make a change. That day after school, Gill came home and cried. 

Still sobbing, he stood up and drove to the local gym. He cried as he took the first steps on the treadmill, but kept going.

Watch Gill's inspiring weight loss journey here:

It was at the gym that he saw his first bodybuilder, and was instantly hooked with the idea of one day looking like that. "His body looked like an action figure and I was completely amazed. I didn't realise real bodies could even look like that, and I started training in a bodybuilding style."

Now, 23, Gill is competing in bodybuilding championships and has lost a total of 120lbs. As a result of this he has a lot of excess skin, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking to the stage in front of hundreds of people. He hopes in doing so he can inspire others, and showing that in spite of his insecurities he’s gained a new found confidence.

Gill made a big diet change, going "cold turkey" from his favorite junk foods, and began his journey doing cardio on a treadmill. Easier on the joints than running on concrete, especially for those new to fitness, you can follow in Gill's footsteps on one of the best treadmills

However, it's the resistance training that's really transformed Gill's life, building muscle to get the bodybuilder's look. Building muscle also increases the body's base metabolic rate and body composition, so even if you're not planning on getting onstage anytime soon, it's a great addition to your weight loss journey. We recommend our best protein powder for weight loss and best adjustable dumbbell lists. 

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