This 12-minute abs workout will tone, define and strengthen your entire core

It shouldn't take long to feel a burn in your core if you use the right exercise, like the moves in this no-equipment routine

Man performs an ab workout
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Abs are easily neglected and quite often the last thing you want to do after a good leg pump at the gym, or after a run. However, a strong core makes other forms of exercise easier and ab circuits can take as little as twelve minutes of your day.

If you already know how to do a plank, then you will know how simple – yet challenging – it is to engage your core. You don't have to use equipment when targeting your abdominal muscles, but some do like to add a kettlebell to certain exercises like the Russian Twist (which is included in our best workouts for abs roundup).

For this short and intense ab session, you won't need any additional equipment, other than using one of the best yoga mats under your body for support. 

This guided workout video is designed to target as many muscle fibers as possible, using 21 different exercises with no repeats.

As you perform each movement, you will be helping to tone, define and strengthen your entire core. The more you complete workouts like this, the better results you should feel and see.

TIFF X DAN are the creators behind this super simple yet effective ab circuit. The pair are fitness mad and they've made keeping fit accessible for thousands of people over the last year. Their workout videos are especially targeted at people who want to get ripped at home.

The 12-minute session above forms part of a '6 Week Shred' program happening on the channel right now. It doesn't matter if you're taking part in the full program or not, this will help build a stronger core regardless.

TIFF X DAN wrote in the video description, "It's the perfect daily ab routine to get you on track for a ripped six pack!".

The aesthetic benefits of core training aren't the only reason you should include ab workouts in your fitness regime. A strong core is linked to enhanced performance in other sports. For example, this study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research discovered that a group of runners increased their speed in a 5000-meter run following six weeks of core strength training. 

Another way you can train your abdominal muscles is by including one of the best ab rollers in your training. This exercise relies on all of your core muscles to work together, therefore will provide the test of how strong your muscles really are down there. 

It's important you have rest days in any fitness program you follow to allow your muscles time to rest, grow and repair. Making sure you consume plenty of protein every day aids this, and you can increase your levels of protein with one of the best protein powders for weight loss.

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