This 20-minute dumbbell workout builds stronger, bigger arms

With a set of weights by your side, this short routine blasts your muscles to develop stronger arms

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The end of the year can be a busy time for many of us. Whether you're caught up with work, catching up with friends, or preparing for the holidays with family, it's tough to stick to a regular workout schedule. 

Fortunately, with a set of the best adjustable dumbbells to hand, you can still fit in an effective, intense, muscle-building workout at home even when you feel time is against you. 

This 20-minute routine from YouTuber Fraser Wilson is designed to work your upper arms to develop practical, larger muscles. You only need dumbbells and some space, so it's an ideal at-home routine.

Technique and form are two of the most crucial parts of any strength training routine. To help you out, Wilson demos all of the moves, so you can follow along, perfect your form, and avoid injury. 

Watch Fraser Wilson's 20-minute dumbbell workout

You're not aiming for a specific number of repetitions, but the goal is to train intensely under the timer runs out. To keep the intensity up, you'll switch between several moves before taking a short rest. 

Wilson suggests adding this workout into your routine once or twice per week. This gives your muscles a chance to recover, so you can train more effectively next time around and avoid injury too. 

If you enjoy his workouts and want to make good use of your weights, then consider doing Wilson's 20-minute abs dumbbell workout on those in-between days to get a stronger core and six-pack abs.

These intense routines work you hard, but by focusing on your form and making resistance training a regular part of your week, you'll start to see results relatively quickly. 

But you'll definitely feel the effects the following day. This is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and is a common feeling, especially when you're early on your fitness journey. 

Thankfully, these DOMS recovery tips can ease some of the stiffness and pain you'll experience post-workout. One of the most effective techniques is to use one of the best foam rollers

These textured items are designed to aid recovery by promoting blood flow into your muscles. All you need to do is roll affected areas across the surface to give yourself a mini-massage. 

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