This TikTok fitness guru shows how to get a tricep burn without any equipment

Working out your arms doesn't have to require weights, watch how this TikToker works her triceps without any equipment

Runner performs a tricep dip outdoors between a bench and a bin
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If the weights section of the gym intimidates you, or you're somewhere like a hotel room with no fitness equipment, you're in luck: some of the best muscle-toning workouts just use your bodyweight, much like this extremely straight-forward tricep workout shared on TikTok recently. 

You might have seen people use dumbbells (if you are interested in including some equipment into your workouts at home, a set of best adjustable dumbbells are a great place to start) to target their triceps - using various moves such as a weighted overhead extension or tricep kickbacks. 

However, the Blogilates founder has taken to TikTok, where she has over 2.7 million followers, to show people how to get a good tricep burn minus any equipment.

Watch the video below to see how the TikTok star, Cassey Ho, performs her version of a seated tricep dip:


It’s like a tricep dip, but seated. Absolutely killer. Try it. #pilates #workout #homeworkout #collegelife

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The video shows the fitness expert perch herself on the floor (having a best yoga mat below your bum can help with overall comfort as you try this) and place her hands in a triangle shape. Keeping her hands together she places them on the floor behind where her bum sits, legs out in front. She included in the video, "Legs out like you're giving birth". Keeping the chest open she bends her upper body backwards, bending into her elbows. 

Naming them 'Laborious Tri's', she recommends performing this move fifteen times as normal, followed by twenty pulses of the exercise and says to repeat three times.

The video might not make it look overly hard but judging by the comments, it is clearly an effective way to work your triceps. One user said, "Wow I just did it, I can totally feel the burn," while another commented, "It's a killer ending with pulses!".

Women workouts at home performing a tricep dip on her sofa

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Personal trainer, Scott Laidler, says that maintaining strong triceps is important since they are involved in all of your pushing movements, providing stability to your shoulders and acting as assisting muscles to your chest. If you struggle with exercises like a pushup, strong triceps will help to ease the overall effort.

Laidler, suggested a few ways you can be working out your triceps at home or outdoors. He recommends using a sofa, chair, park bench or bottom step to perform a tricep dip. He said, "You can bolster those by doing military-style pressups, with elbows in line and tucked into the rib cage, they'll be much harder but they will be hitting your triceps very hard."

The trainer added, "Another easy win would be to take a heavy bag, book, or bottle of water and take a seat, hold the bottle above your head, then bend at the elbows lowering the item behind your head, keep your elbows tucked in to really isolate your triceps, then extend again." 

And there you have yourself a highly targeted tricep isolation exercise using items you already had at home. If you're looking to add another tricep-burner to your repertoire which also works your chest, shoulders and core, you can start building up the strength to do full push-ups by checkout out our how to do a push-up guide. 

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