Toning your core muscle doesn’t have to take long, try this 10-minute no repeats ab workout

This workout uses just your body weight to strengthen and define your core muscle area

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There isn't a one-size-fits-all recipe for building a six-pack or a shortcut way. But with that being said, it also shouldn't take hours of grueling exercise. You can get in an efficient core workout in as little as ten minutes and it doesn't have to require any equipment.

The only thing that you may want to consider when performing a short workout packed with core strengthening exercises is to place something padded underneath your back. Many ab moves are performed on the floor so a blanket or one of the best yoga mats can help to protect your back as you exercise.

If you get tired of overly repetitive workouts easily then you will like this no repeats workout designed by online personal trainer, Heather Robertson. She will lead you through the full workout which features many of the best ab workouts, such as variations of the crunch and plank exercises.

Robertson breaks down the workout for you, "Using just our body weight we are going to perform each exercise for thirty seconds and have just a quick ten seconds rest in between."

Watch Heather Robertson's 10-Minute Core Workout

Often, ab routines don't factor in breaks as they are so short, but this Heather Robertson workout adopts a HIIT training style meaning you will help your core and ab muscles to strengthen with each exercise and increase fat burn as you progress through the intervals. 

If you feel up for giving this quick 10-minute routine a go, the exercises are all listed below. Robertson says, "It's great on it's own for a quick ab burner but is also a perfect workout finisher to make sure you are training the core!"

  • Basic Crunch 
  • Toe Touch 
  • Reverse Crunch 
  • Oblique Twist (L) 
  • Oblique Twist (R) 
  • Suitcase Crunch 
  • Unicorn Crunch 
  • Side Bridge (L) 
  • Side Bridge (R) 
  • Hold Plank 
  • Mountain Climber 
  • X-Crunch 
  • Flamingo Crunch (L) 
  • Flamingo Crunch (R) 
  • Straight Leg Bicycle

To see results from ab and core training you will need to lower your body fat as this is what covers the six-pack area in your midsection. Once you find out what to eat to lose belly fat, you can then form a healthy diet around these foods and ensure that you are staying well-fuelled as you are exercising. These high-protein snacks are great for keeping in your gym bag or work locker while trying to stay full as you trim down.

Not only will developing strength and muscle in your core and abs create a toned and defined appearance across your stomach area but it can improve your posture too. A strong core can help stabilize the spine which is responsible for holding your body upright. 

Additionally, any keen runners out there or those looking to take up the activity can also benefit from building core muscle. A study published in the PLOS one journal found that just eight weeks of core training can help make you a more efficient runner.

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