Try this 15-minute beginner-friendly kettlebell workout to build muscle in 2022

If you are new or returning to exercising with weights you can ease yourself in with a short circuit like this kettlebell routine

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January is a great month for trying out new fitness challenges including learning to work out with weights. If you aren't sure where to begin, it is best to start small. Try familiarising yourself with what it feels like to lift weight and give this 15-minute beginner-friendly kettlebell video a shot.

Having one of the best kettlebells is a really great way to build strength and muscle, as well as tone your whole body at home. You can choose what size of weight you want to work with, or even buy a few options of weights so that you can move up bells as your strength develops.

For this workout posted on the LiveFitness channel, you'll only need one kettlebell to complete the seven beginner-friendly exercises. 

In the caption, Nicole from LiveFitness recommends using a weight of at least 3kg or more, "Push yourself as much as possible and use a weight to challenge yourself but still enable you to keep proper form and technique with the movements."

Don't worry if you have any doubts about your fitness level, Nicole has created longer rest periods to allow for recovery time between each move. You'll perform each exercise twice for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. 

Give the workout video below a watch and if you fancy trying it, grab one of our best water bottles for the gym to stay fully hydrated between sets.

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This kettlebell is perfect for beginners since it incorporates high-volume training, at an increasing intensity, using fun and versatile variations. 

The moves you follow in this workout can be transferred into other workouts. These exercises can be performed as repetitions in sets where you try and move up kettlebell weight for each set. This can be a really effective way to build muscle mass and strength fast.


  • Figure of Eight 
  • Side Bend 
  • Forward and Reverse Lunge 
  • Tricep Extension 
  • Goblet Squat 
  • Bicep Curl 
  • Russian Twists

Starting off with the basics really will help you progress onto bigger weight-lifting-related goals. It's is all about building a good level of foundational strength. 

In a study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it was found that just six weeks of bi-weekly kettlebell workouts improved maximum and explosive strength by nearly 20%.

It's handy to note that strength isn't just achieved through exercising with weights. You can build more general strength and muscle endurance when walking and running. Including a couple of hills (if you can) in your outdoor runs, or setting up an incline on the settings of the best treadmill can help with this.

Alternatively, you can add resistance to your next body conditioning workout with a set of best resistance bands. These are small and easy to carry around so that you can work out with them wherever and are also a great tool for improving mobility.

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