Use this quick Pilates workout to boost your hip mobility and strengthen your legs without any equipment

No equipment? No problem. Try this short but effective leg routine

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If you're looking for ways to exercise at home without equipment, Pilates is a great option. This bodyweight-based, low-impact exercise system is designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, support better balance and mobility and is suitable for all levels of fitness. 

Certified personal trainer Rachael Attard recently shared a Pilates-inspired workout on Instagram that targets the muscles in your lower body and core. Watch her video below then give it a try yourself.

How to do Attard's seven-move Pilates workout

Each exercise in this workout is a single-leg movement; while balancing on one side of your body you’ll isolate and work the muscles on the other side. Complete all exercises on one leg first, doing each move for 30 seconds. If you aim for two rounds in total the whole workout should take you 14 minutes.

Think about engaging your core muscles throughout the entire workout, even when you're doing an isolated move such as the leg curl. This will help build muscular awareness and stability.

To make the workout more challenging, Attard recommends adding ankle weights, which will ramp up the difficulty. 

Benefits of this workout

The exercises in this routine will increase your range of motion in and around your hips while also strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. This means that the workout is simultaneously boosting your strength while also improving your mobility, helping you build a fit and functional body. 

As Pilates exercises always engage your core and challenge your balance, coordination and alignment, you might find the quality of your movements during other exercise and daily life as well as your posture will benefit too.

If you enjoyed this routine, why not try these seven exercises to improve your posture and mobility.

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