Watch this female lifter attempt to pull an 18,500lbs semi-truck

Nicci Robinson is about to test her weight lifting mettle by pulling an 18,500lbs vehicle across a parking lot

Miami Muscle: Nicci Robinson
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Nicci Robinson is best known to her social media fans as the ‘Amazon Warrior Woman’ and only began her fitness journey back in 2012. Nicci was happily working in a corporate job but had a bigger passion for health and fitness and decided to take the leap. 

Ever since, Nicci has worked hard on her physique in order to become a strong and powerful woman. Nicci told YouTube channel Truly: “How you get the Amazon warrior woman is by a lot of strength, training and endurance training. I am the type of person who, even though I could be completely drained and tired, if I have to finish a set, I finish it by any means necessary and I always say that's how you really build that innerwear within you.”

Today, Nicci will put herself to the ultimate test as she takes on her biggest challenge to date - a truck pull weighing 18,500lbs. Check out how she did in the video below:

Watch Nicci's truck pull attempt here:

“When I first saw a truck pull, I was like, 'Oh my God, I have to attempt it!' But I never really looked into it too much. The challenge can be risky and I’ll pressure myself to perform at tip top level. 

I'm like in my head thinking, you're not even going to get an inch. So, it's kind of letting that balance of yin and yang go on right now.” 

It would mean so much for Nicci to achieve pulling the truck and this will definitely test everything that she has worked hard on for years. To prepare for her big event, Nicci has put in a lot of time and strength training for the challenge and has to make sure her breathing is where it needs to be in order to exert this type of energy for this type of pull.

Why should women build muscle in everyday life?

trap bar deadlift

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Even though you're not pulling heavy vehicles around parking lots, building muscle, whether using tools like the best resistance bands or just your body weight, has a ton of benefits. A body with more muscle mass actually burns more calories at rest, according to this study from the Journal Adipocyte, because muscle demands lots of oxygen, forcing your body to work harder to provide it for you via blood. 

This raises your basal metabolic rate, increasing your metabolism to burn more fat. The European Society of Cardiology also linked weightlifting to a longer, healthier life. 

Muscle is great. If you've got a little bit of body strength, it opens lots of doors for you, providing new ways to work out. Yoga and pilates can develop your flexibility and core strength, paddleboarding and climbing require pulling power in your upper body, while doing HIIT classes with lots of jumping requires (and improves) muscles in your quads and glutes. 

You don't have to become a strongwoman in order to use weights or calisthenics to develop a little bit of power. Just throwing in a single resistance training session a week can help you run faster, jump higher, burn more calories, live longer and unlock a whole vista of new potential for your body. To get started, our list of the best adjustable dumbbells is a great way to begin exercising your muscles at home. 


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