Watch: This full-body boot camp dumbbell workout will start your week right

This dumbbell bootcamp workout takes just 30 minutes and can be done at home – but it's not easy!

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Need a workout to start your week off? Take a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, set them to medium-light, and dive into this 30-minute total-body blitz designed to make you sweat, raise your metabolism, burn fat and build muscle. 

This boot-camp inspired workout from Floridian fitness instructor and personal trainer Taylor Walker keeps things to just 30 minutes and works every muscle group in your body, from plank-jacks to tone your core and lower back while providing a cardiovascular benefit, to squat-dumbbell presses working your arms, shoulders, butt and legs simultaneously. 

Curious? Check out the full workout below, originally filmed for our Instagram account and reposted in full here. Your body won't know what hit it. 

Watch Taylor Walker's full-body dumbbell workout below:

Why do this workout?

"All you need today is a set of medium dumbbells, something that you could bicep curl or would make a good addition to lunges," says Walker. "Grab some water, a little bit of space... we have four sections, and we finish with HIIT to get the heart racing."

HIIT is great for fat loss. One study from researchers at the University of New South Wales found HIIT training increased both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and elevated the metabolism far more than an equivalent amount of low-intensity steady-state exercise like jogging. In addition, lifting weights also creates a metabolic response, so you've got a two-for-one fat burner workout here. 

There's plenty of core-focused moves like planks here, but Walker also uses the dumbbells to create instability by having you press each weight upwards one at a time, forcing you to tense your core to keep yourself upright and holding good form. 

The end result is a workout that is particularly geared towards getting a trim, toned midriff, combining core strength with a metabolic response. 

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