Watch: This quick dumbbells workout will burn fat AND build muscle

How to tone up and drop a few pounds by following along with our beginner-friendly weights circuit

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Looking for a great home workout this weekend? Results Wellness Lifestyle's Cecelia Harris took to our Instagram recently in order to guide us through a quick 30-minute workout using a pair of light dumbbells. 

This full-body blitz is great for beginners looking for a sweaty routine they can do in their front room, and the use of the weights ensures you work even harder, building muscle in addition to burning fat. Check out the routine in full below;

Cecilia's workout is a tough one, using full-body movements incorporating legs, arms and core. These are called "compound exercises" because they work multiple muscle groups. When people first think of dumbbells, they usually think of a bicep curl, which is an "isolation exercise" because it only works the bicep. Cecilia's tough circuit uses moves drawing power from all over the body, working every muscle group.

This is what gives the workout its fat-burning potential. A report published by the American Council on Exercise looked at resistance training's place in a weight loss programme, and found the “best” resistance-training programs for fat loss prioritize compound movements.

This is because resistance training with compound movements encourages Exercise Post-Oxygen Consumption (otherwise known as EPOC) in the body. Your muscles demand more oxygen to recover, and your body burns calories well after the session is over as it works to refuel them. 

This combination of aerobic exercise moves and resistance training makes Cecelia's routine a great way to get a sweat on. Give it a try and see for yourself. 

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