Why Courteney Cox' kickboxing workout is a great fat-burner for over-50s

The Friends actor has always looked incredibly fit and this video of her kickboxing at 57 is a testament to this

Courteney Cox smiles for paparazzi at a red carpet event in a fitted black gown
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If you are looking for a workout that will help tone muscle and burn fat at the same time then kickboxing could be right up your street. And if you need proof that this form of workout is effective, take a look at Courteney Cox's Instagram. 

The 57 year old has shared a video of herself powering through a fast-paced kickbox session and she looks like a force to be reckoned with.  

Of course, we can't forget that Cox has plenty of pennies to spare on high-end gyms as well as expert fitness and nutritional advice. This inevitably makes staying in shape at 57 that fair bit easier. Nonetheless, having knowledge of things like the best workout equipment for home or the best exercises for weight loss (which we have helpful guides on) can be just as beneficial if you are looking to tone up.

And perhaps the most important factor for getting results from exercise is the effort that we put in. The short clip of Cox below shows the actor doing just this as she performs a few hardcore reps of kickboxing against her trainer:

She makes it look pretty easy but a kickboxing makes for an intense full body workout. We are told by Rachael Penrose, a fitness trainer at F45 Training that it has endless benefits.  

Penrose explains, "By rotating, extending and contracting muscles to perform movements, kickboxing targets your upper body, lower body and core all in one hit. The strength used to move through these planes of movement correctly, strengthens and tones your muscles from head to toe."

She adds that the continuous nature of the exercise tests and improves an individual's endurance and cardiovascular fitness. While it benefits you physically it is also effective for sharpening the mind. Kickboxing requires you to respond quickly with kicks as you memorise and perform combinations.

Moreover, this 2014 study found that five weeks of kickboxing training (involving three one hour sessions a week) can improve all of the following: upper-body muscle power, aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed and agility.

You don't need to step into the boxing ring for this kind of workout but if you are keen to give kickboxing a go you will want to invest in some of the best workout clothes for men or best workout clothes for women and prepare to get sweaty.

Jessica Downey

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