You can now copy Jennifer Aniston's workout regime with Pvolve's 30-day fitness challenge

Aniston and her trainer have curated a 30-day calendar that mimics the actress’ workout regime

Jennifer Aniston in workout gear, holding the P.ball from Pvolve
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Have you heard of Pvolve? The Pilates-inspired app launched in 2017 but exploded in popularity last year when Jennifer Aniston lent her support. The actress said she fell in love with the app’s low-impact home workouts in 2021 when they helped her stay fit while recovering from a back injury. She was such a fan that she became an ambassador two years later and started working out with the app’s head trainer, Dani Coleman.

Now Coleman and Aniston have teamed up to create a 30-day workout schedule that reflects the actress’ exercise regime. There are 12 classes to complete (three each week) along with three optional extra sessions you can do if you want more of a challenge.

The workouts include a mix of strength training and cardio, with all classes focusing on low-impact exercises that can be adapted to your fitness level. Sign up to Jen's Spring Challenge to see the full schedule.

There’s a seven-day trial to take advantage of, then it's $14.99 a month to access the workouts. Many routines in Anniston’s 30-day challenge require Pvolve equipment, like sliders and their Pilates precision mat, but alternatively, you can search for equipment-free alternatives on the app, which will show you classes targeting the same body areas.

What is Pvolve?

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Pvolve features low-impact, Pilates-inspired classes designed to build strength, balance, flexibility and cardio fitness.

Not all of the classes are typical Pilates routines of slow, controlled movements. There are also plenty of high-tempo cardio routines on the app, along with meditation sessions and some stretching sequences. A lot of the classes emphasize core work, helping you to develop those all-important mid-body muscles.

Its founders describe it as a science-backed app, with a clinical advisory board designing the workouts in line with recent exercise studies. However, its real selling point is that all of its routines are low-impact; something your joints and your downstairs neighbors will appreciate.

Pvolve is a Fit&Well favorite. When one of our writers tried it recently, she became a complete Pilates convert. You can read about her experience in our full Pvolve review.


Try Pvolve free for a week | Usually $14.99 / month

Pvolve features a mix of strengthening, stretching and cardio-focused classes. Jennifer Aniston swears by the workouts, claiming they help her stay fit and strong. You can try the $14.99 streaming option and get a week free, or get a month free when you buy one of the equipment bundles.

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