Black Friday Nike Metcon deals: save over 35% on these popular cross training shoes

With these Black Friday Nike Metcon deals you can pick up an awesome pair of cross training shoes at a huge discount

Black Friday Nike Metcon deals
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With these Black Friday Nike Metcon deals, you save a massive 35% on Nike's popular cross training shoes. The fashionable footwear isn't only about the looks either, as they're made to support you through any workout. 

For the Thanksgiving period, you can pick up a pair of the Nike Metcon 6 Premium for $90.97 at Nike (opens in new tab), saving you a massive $50 on the exceptional shoes. Plus, the sportswear brand is offering an extra 20% off if you use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!

The Nike Metcon frequently tops our list of the best cross training shoes. And although the Metcon 7 were released earlier this year, the Metcon 6 range comes with a similar design and is now just a fraction of the price. 

Check out the latest Black Friday Nike Metcon deals below for up to $50 off a new set of multi-functional workout shoes. 

Black Friday Nike Metcon deals

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Nike Metcon 6 Premium | was $140, now $90.97 at Nike (opens in new tab)
This top-end unisex training shoe comes in two colors; Metallic Silver or Baroque Brown. It is 18% more breathable than the older Metcon 5 shoes and has under-foot cushioning to support intense workouts. Right now, they are $50 cheaper, plus save an extra 20% with the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. 

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Nike Metcon 6 | was $130, now $94.97 at Nike (opens in new tab)
These unisex cross training shoes are available in 10 colors, so you can find a pair to match your style. The rubber outsole and side make them an ideal rope climbing companion, while the wide heel offers support during weight lifting. Buy now to save $35 on the regular price, and take another 20% off by using the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!

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Nike Metcon 6 FlyEase Men's | was $130, now $79.97 at Nike (opens in new tab)
Hate tying laces? These are the training shoes for you. Just slip your foot into the Metcon 6 FlyEase and the flexible heel will snap back into place for full workout support. You can save an incredible $50 on these practical, comfortable shoes right now! Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for an extra 20% off. 

The Nike Metcon 6 shoes are designed to support your ankles to stabilize your joints during your workout. This is important, as especially during HIIT or sports like basketball, you'll be changing directions quickly. 

The foam-based sole is firm around your heel but more cushioned in your forefoot so that it can accommodate high-impact exercises. There's also a removable Hyperlift insert so you can easily change where your heel sits between moves.  

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