Echelon rowing machine deal: Save £200 on this top rower

In the UK? Save £200 on the Echelon Smart Rower, one of the best rowing machines around, with this code until May 31st

Echelon smart rower
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Rowing machines are a fantastic way to get fit, develop muscle and lose weight. They train your back and leg muscles thanks to the pulling motion, helping you to undo the damage of staying hunched over your keyboard at your desk, while providing a great cardiovascular workout. Whether you like an all-out HIIT session or endurance workout, the best rowing machine models are a great way to get active.

Right now, you can bag a top-of-the-line rowing machine for less: the space-saving, gym-quality Echelon Smart Rower has had its price slashed by £200 if you put in the code ROW200 at checkout, allowing you to get this state-of-the-art exercise kit for under £1k. However, this great deal is only available until May 31st, so don’t miss out. Check out the deal in full below - and if you're looking for more rowing machines at drop-down prices, check out our Black Friday rowing machine hub!

Get this top rowing machine deal below:

Echelon Smart Rower | was £1,199 | now £949 at the Echelon store

Echelon Smart Rower | was £1,199 | now £949 at the Echelon store
This highly-engineered rowing machine is said to recruit 85% of the body’s muscles during a tough workout, so you get total-body fitness with this customisable chassis. Controlled via an app on your phone, the Smart Rower packs 32 levels of resistance, 24/7 access to thousands of live and on-demand classes with world-class instructors, and even folds away for easy storage. That’s ROW200.

Echelon Smart Rower: Why get this rowing machine deal?

The Echelon Smart Rower is top of the line, with all the performance of an advanced gym-quality machine without the permanent space required. The adjustable console is designed to hold your smartphone and provide you with access to the thousands of workouts available on the Echelon app.

You can even row across famous bodies of water, as the machine will adjust to match the simulated scenery. What’s more, the accompanying Echelon Fit app allows you to get a smorgasbord of free workouts that aren’t just limited to your rower, such as boxing and pilates. You can even rank your rowing performances on the Echelon leaderboard, racing people all over the world.

The 32 levels of resistance ensures you get an experience at the right difficulty level for you, while the whole unit folds up and can be wheeled away when not in use. App controls mean the red-black chassis can focus on looking good rather than ungainly, with easy handlebar controls rather than having to stop your workout and adjust your difficulty settings on a console.

It’s smooth, quiet and provides you tons of data on your workouts. What’s not to love? It’s not the cheapest rowing machine out there, but by god is this thing packing some serious technology.

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