This complete home gym kit bundle is under $20 at Walmart. Don't miss out!

From push up handles, to resistance bands, to cardio jump ropes: get all the home gym kit you need for less than $20

Home gym kit bundle at walmart
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Although the vaccine programmes mean gyms are slowly reopening across the world, many of us have actually gotten used to having a little extra money not spent on a gym membership, or having the freedom to workout from home or outdoors. If that's the case, or you're still under lockdown conditions, you might want some additional kit to complete your home workouts.

Some of the best kit includes push up bars to improve your chest and triceps workouts, a resistance band to work the opposite set of muscles, your back and biceps, one of the best ab rollers to exercise your core, and a jump rope, which is an excellent, affordable old-school cardiovascular solution still loved by athletes like boxers.

Luckily, you can get all of this equipment for under $20 in a handy bundle from Walmart. Check out the deal in full below:

SPRI Home Gym Kit: Get this bundle here

SPRI Home Gym Kit includes Jump Rope, Push-up Bars, Ab Wheel and Medium Resistance Tube | now $19.88 at Walmart

SPRI Home Gym Kit includes Jump Rope, Push-up Bars, Ab Wheel and Medium Resistance Tube | now $19.88 at Walmart
This bundle includes four pieces of home gym kit that can level-up your home workouts. Improve pulling action with the resistance band, pushing action with the push up bars, an ab wheel to work your core and a jump rope to burn fat. 

SPRI Home Gym Kit: Why get this bundle?

Push up bars not only reduce stress on your body by giving you a soft padded handle, rather than a hard floor to press against. However, the added elevation also allows you to dip further down during push ups, allowing more activation of your pectorals.

Meanwhile, some of the best resistance bands allow you to perform exercises like bent-over rows, reverse flys and bicep curls, which work your back and biceps. Likewise, an ab roller is another tool to work your core, while the jump rope, an old-school but often neglected exercise tool, can really help you torch fat. 

One 2013 study found that jump rope for 10 minutes every day, for six weeks, has the same cardiovascular benefits as jogging for 30 minutes a day, saving you loads of time. It's a high-intensity workout perfect for weight loss.

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