I love my ab wheel and Amazon Prime Day is a great time to buy one for cheap

Get yourself this top rated ab wheel for 35 percent off, perfect for beginners and experts alike

Vinsguir ab roller being against a backdrop of fitness equipment
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Ab wheels are great. Take my word for it—I used an ab wheel every day for a month to see just how great they are and was amazed by how quickly the tool strengthened my core and boosted my balance.

If you're looking to buy your first ab wheel or want a traditional design then you can't go wrong with the Vinsguir ab roller wheel, which is reduced by a tidy 35 percent for Amazon Prime Day. 

Already affordable, with a list price of $33.99, the Prime Day sales have brought it down even further to just $21.99. 

Vinsguir Ab Roller: was $33.99, now $21.99 at Amazon

Vinsguir Ab Roller: was $33.99, now $21.99 at Amazon

Save $12 on this top of the range ab wheel from Vinsguir. For less than $30, you get a robust roller that moves smoothly and is built to last. The foam grips are comfortable to hold during workouts, and the thick central wheel offers lots of stability, making it suitable for someone who hasn't used one before.

This Vinsguir model features in our round-up of the best ab rollers and is a perfect addition to any home gym. We found that the chunky wheel worked smoothly for all the classic ab roller moves: roller pikes, ab rollouts and balance push-ups. 

It's super easy to assemble too—you just stick the bar through the center of the wheel, add the foam grips and get rolling. The wheel itself has a TPR rubberized surface and a 3.2in tread and the width of it makes it a lot easier to balance with.

It also boasts a healthy 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with almost 20,000 customer ratings—so it's not just the Fit&Well team who rate it highly.

If you're looking for something a bit more challenging, then Vinsguir have a 'difficult' ab wheel option that is also reduced in the Prime Day Sale. Discounted by 35 percent, you can get the slimmer version of the above wheel for just $12.99, down from $19.99. But be warned: the smaller the wheel, the harder it is to control (which arguably makes it a harder ab workout, which isn't always right for beginners). 

Lou Mudge
Fitness Writer

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