I run 40 miles a week and these are the Amazon running deals I recommend

From running watches to water pouches, these are the deals actually worth your money

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If you're anything like me, Amazon discounts are a great excuse to treat yourself; who can pass up the opportunity to stock up on running essentials for less?

While deals are great for buying myself a treat, they are also ideal for stocking up on everyday items. Hair products, dog poo bags and, as a runner, all my running gear. 

But with all these items on sale and all the options to choose from, what is worth spending your money on and what isn't? I run about 40 miles, five days a week, so I've quickly learnt what products I can't live without and which I shouldn't have spent my money on. 

I've scoured Amazon's offers, picking out the running gear I think is worth splurging on. These items are perfect for runners of all levels; whether you've got a goal in mind or you just want to move your body a bit more, these items will help each step you take.

Amazon running deals

Nuun Sport Electrolytes: was $29.96now $25.82 on Amazon

Nuun Sport Electrolytes: was $29.96, now $25.82 on Amazon

You lose essential nutrients through your sweat, especially during the summer months, so it's worth adding these hydrating electrolytes to your routine. They contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, and all you need to do is just drop one in your water bottle and you're good to go. And you can stock up with 14% off this four-pack. 

Waterdrop Water Pouch: was $15.99now $14.99 on Amazon

Waterdrop Water Pouch: was $15.99, now $14.99 on Amazon

Water pouches make a great alternative to water bottles for running as you can squash them into your pocket or slimline backpack. These Waterdrop pouches come in a pack of three, they're BPA-free, and they come with a filter straw so you can top up water from rivers or faucets, now for 6% less. 

AIKENDO Running Belt | was $16.99 now $12.99 on Amazon

AIKENDO Running Belt | was $16.99,  now $12.99 on Amazon

A running belt is an essential for me. Often, shorts and leggings don't have pockets, so I'm stuck carrying my keys, phone or running gels — not ideal. Investing in a running belt has made my runs much simpler. While it doesn't look like it, this belt can safely fit your phone, keys and whatever small items you need to carry with you. 

Running is a great way to get outside, improve your cardiovascular fitness and keep healthy. Whether you're following a specific running plan, working towards a 5k or just running for running's sake, it's important to keep your body strong and stable enough to carry you through.

Fueling your body is just as important as strengthening it. Adding some of the best protein powders for weight loss into your post-run routine is a great way to help your muscles recover and ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need, check out Amazon's supplement dealsto snag a bargain. 

Lois Mackenzie
Fitness Writer

Lois Mackenzie is a Fitness Writer for Fit&Well and its sister site Coach, covering strength training workouts with weights, accessible ways to stay active at home, and training routines for runners. She joined the team from Newsquest Media Group, where she was a senior sports, trends, and lifestyle reporter. She is a dedicated runner, having just completed her first marathon, and an advocate for spending time outdoors, whether on a walk, taking a long run, or swimming in the sea. 

Lois holds a Master's degree in Digital Journalism, and has written for Good Health, Wellbeing & The Great Outdoors, Metro.co.uk, and Newsquest Media Group, where her reporting was published in over 200 local newspapers.