I trained with Mo Farah to test out the Huawei GT3, and now it's 29% off

Walmart has slashed the price on the Huawei GT3 watch: the fitness tracker with Sir Mo Farah’s seal of approval

Fit&Well writer Jessica Downey and Mo Farah at the launch of the Huawei GT3
(Image credit: Jessica Downey)

When the Huawei GT3 fitness tracker came out last October I was invited to go try it out. As a fitness writer, testing out wearables is pretty standard, but when I heard Olympic gold medallist, Mo Farah was the ambassador for the GT3, I thought this surely has to be a particularly impressive tracker and this proved to be true.

As a keen runner, I’m constantly testing out many of the best running watches, ones from competitors like Garmin and Fitbit yet, I still find myself picking up the Huawei GT3 to keep me up to scratch with my overall health and daily training. It’s a really great all-rounder when it comes to tracking fitness and right now you can get one at Walmart for $89 less. Huawei is known for making some of the best smartphones on the market so it's no surprise that a world record holder like Mo Farah got behind this high-performing smartwatch.

The first thing I noticed when Farah challenged us to jump on the treadmill and get running fast was how quickly the GT3 detected changes in my heart rate. The GT3 features eight-channel heart rate monitoring which includes an AI algorithm designed to filter out noisy signals. This makes for better heart rate monitoring during a variety of activities and enhances the accuracy of health metrics like your blood oxygen levels (this lets you know how well your body is processing oxygen and is important for exercise performance). Available today with a huge $89 saving, this smartwatch is well worth snapping up.

Huawei GT3 watch | Was $299.00, now $209.98 at Walmart

Huawei GT3 watch | Was $299.00, <a href="https://goto.walmart.com/c/1943169/565706/9383?subId1=hawk-custom-tracking&sharedId=hawk&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.walmart.com%2Fip%2Fseort%2F704606987" data-link-merchant="walmart.com"">now $209.98 at Walmart 

Save a huge $89 on the GT3 today! Boasting a long battery life, excellent features, and an AMOLED color screen, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to track their fitness stats. With such a large saving available, this watch won’t be this cheap for long so don’t miss out.  

As I continued to test this watch out for the full Huawei Watch GT 3 review after my session with Mo Farah, I wasn’t disappointed by the accuracy of this watch across other important areas of tracking such as SpO2, skin temperature, stress, and sleep. The feature that makes this watch unique and especially worth buying for any beginner runners out there is the ‘AI training’ tool which allows you to create goals and then forms a training plan for you that adapts according to activity and performance tracking from the watch. So if you’ve been putting off completing your first 5k or haven’t managed yet to complete a running goal of yours, the Huawei GT3 watch will be the motivational and informative kick you need.

Aside from the fact that I was a little starstruck at the fact Mo Farah was leaning over me showing me how to navigate the GT3 on my wrist, I was also impressed at how easy the watch is to use. Unlike the very basic buttons that feature on most fitness watches, the GT3 has ditched this for a rotating crown at the side of the watch, which performs as a scroll wheel for looking through parts of the interface. Although the touchscreen already makes things easier, I enjoyed using the rotating crown to find things especially when my hands felt hot and sweaty and I’d imagine this will make things easier when trying to work around wearing gloves and operating a touchscreen over winter. Plus, for an extra layer of convenience, the watch has a slim, barely noticeable button that is set by default to launch into tracking a run or workout when you press it.

Farah wore the simple yet sleek-looking all-black version of the GT3 so, of course, I had to follow in the footsteps of the distance runner champion. But the brilliant thing about this watch is how versatile in appearance it can be depending on what style of watch you prefer to wear. The watch fits with any 22mm strap (even non-Huawei ones) so if you want to disguise your fitness tracker as a normal watch you can pair it with a nice classic brown leather strap.

This 29% saving from Walmart on the Huawei GT3 really is a fantastic deal and even if you change your mind after receiving it, Walmart offers free 30-day returns. Grab it now while you can!

Jessica Downey

Jessica is an experienced fitness writer with a passion for running. Her career in journalism began in local news and she holds a Masters in journalism. Jessica has previously written for Runners World, penning news and features on fitness, sportswear and nutrition. 

When she isn't writing up news and features for Fit&Well covering topics ranging from muscle building, to yoga, to female health and so on, she will be outdoors somewhere, testing out the latest fitness equipment and accessories to help others find top products for their own fitness journeys. Her testing pairs up nicely with her love for running. She recently branched out to running 10Ks and is trying to improve her time before moving on to larger races. Jessica also enjoys building on her strength in the gym and is a believer in health and wellness beginning in the kitchen. She shares all of this on her running Instagram account @jessrunshere which she uses for accountability and for connecting with like-minded fitness lovers.