I'm a fitness writer and my favorite Amazon kettlebell is only $15 for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has rolled around again, and my favorite kettlebell is cheaper than ever

amazon basics kettlebell in the home of fitness writer, Lou Mudge
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I love a bargain which is why I bought kettlebells from the Amazon Basics range. There's a selection of weights to choose from, all of which have some sort of discount for Prime Day. My trusty 20lb kettlebell has a whopping 50% off, bringing the already reasonable price of $29.99 down to $14.88. 

I own two 20 pounders, as I much prefer kettlebells to dumbells and their versatility means I can use them to add weight to my normal workouts (goblet squats and sit-ups) or do a standard kettlebell arm workout.

Amazon Basics 20lb Kettlebell: was $29.99, now $14.88 at Amazon

Amazon Basics 20lb Kettlebell: was $29.99, now $14.88 at Amazon

Save $15 This cast-iron kettlebell has a black enamel finish for increased durability and corrosion protection. I particularly like the sleek black finish, as it's quite unassuming, unlike brightly-colored vinyl options.

The way my living space looks really matters to me, so a rack of brightly-colored weights isn't an option. I have limited storage space and wanted to be able to grab my kettlebells quickly for a workout and then stash them away again once I was done. The black ennamel of the Amazon Basics and compact size made them perfect for my needs, and less of an eyesore than some other options on the market. 

The only downside of these well-priced kettlebells is that they can be slippery, particularly with sweaty hands, so I reccomend picking up a good pair of grippy workout gloves, which are also reduced for Prime Day. 

If you're looking for something slightly different, or want to invest in a set of kettlebells, then the YES4ALL combo kettlebells set of 3 is also reduced for Prime Day, with almost 30% off bringing the price under $75 for the set.

Lou Mudge
Fitness Writer

Lou Mudge is a Health Writer at Future Plc, working across Fit&Well and Coach. She previously worked for Live Science, and regularly writes for Space.com and Pet's Radar. Based in Bath, UK, she has a passion for food, nutrition and health and is eager to demystify diet culture in order to make health and fitness accessible to everybody.

Multiple diagnoses in her early twenties sparked an interest in the gut-brain axis and the impact that diet and exercise can have on both physical and mental health. She was put on the FODMAP elimination diet during this time and learned to adapt recipes to fit these parameters, while retaining core flavors and textures, and now enjoys cooking for gut health.