Save $250 on this Gymax foldable rowing machine in blockbuster Walmart deal

Row your way to lockdown fitness with this foldable rowing machine deal from Gymax and Walmart

Rowing machine deal
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The best rowing machine models are one of the best ways to get exercise in at home: a popular, dynamic workout that tones muscle as well as burning calories. Home rowing machines have never been more popular – especially in the advent of quarantines and lockdowns closing gyms, robbing people of one of the most common ways to access rowing machines. 

Walmart is slashing the price of some of the most popular rowing machines around, such as this offering from Gymax: a foldable, magnetic-resistance rower which is perfect for those who need a convenient storage solution, or those who live in smaller spaces. 

Right now, you can save $250 – half price – on the Gymax rowing machine, bringing it down to just $249.99. Check out the deal in full below - and if you're looking for more rowing machines at drop-down prices, check out our Black Friday rowing machine hub!

Rowing machine deal: Get it here

Gymax Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower | was $499.99 | now $239.99 at Walmart

Gymax Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower | was $499.99 | now $239.99 at Walmart
Get a full body workout with a single tool, with 10-level adjustable resistances which can be adjusted through the tension control knob. Built-in wheels and a folding frame make storage a breeze, allowing you to wheel the collapsed machine in and out of your garage, garden or front room: wherever you have space. 

Rowing machine deal: Why is this such a bargain?

The magnetic rower features a magnetic tension resistance system, in which magnets moving past one another provide resistances without friction. This means that the machine is quiet and smooth, with no noisy fan to disturb you or others. The machine also has an easy-to-read LCD fitness monitor, soft seat, pivoting footplates with straps and comfortable non-slip grip handlebars, and tear-resistant nylon rowing strap. 

Rowing machines work plenty of different muscle groups: your arms, back, core and legs are all getting a good workout, in addition to being a great cardiovascular exercise due to the energy expenditure involved in rowing. 

If you’re looking to build strength, get lean muscle and lose weight, the resistance offered by a magnetic, water- or one of the air-based best rowing machine can get you there.

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