Strengthen your glutes and tone your butt with this 30-minute resistance band workout

Resistance bands are great for activating muscle groups and a good way to avoid any slacking when performing an exercise

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If you have been looking to strengthen your glute muscle and build some definition around your butt area then it's worthwhile picking up a set of resistance bands. Resistance bands are great for isolating certain muscles and this 30-minute banded workout is great for building and toning your glutes.

Many of the best resistance bands come in different levels of tension. This means you can apply progressive overload to your workouts, which is a proven training method for building muscle. 

This 30-minute session is devoted to training your Gluteus Maximus, the largest and heaviest muscle in the body, and the surrounding areas of your butt. NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer, Sydney Cummins, has designed this booty band workout with no repeats and 26 exercises to work through.

If you don't already own some bands, you can find some discounted options via the Amazon Prime Day sales. For example, this Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Band set has 24% knocked off its usual price right now.

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With this set, you are getting five bands of varying levels. Beginners can start to build up their strength as they work their way up each band. Meanwhile, seasoned exercisers can challenge themselves with the heavy and extra heavy bands. Purchase this set now and make a 24% saving.

Resistance band workouts are low-impact so this strength-building workout is suitable for people who suffer from joint problems or even if you're pregnant and looking to stay active - Sydney performs this workout as she is 39 weeks pregnant.

Similar to free weights, if you want to see muscle growth from your training, you will have to move up the band strengths to keep building in greater tension to your exercise. The more times you complete a workout like the one above the greater your muscle strength will become and eventually you may find yourself wanting to graduate onto strength training with weights. 

The resistance bands vs weights debate is an ongoing one for many but both are effective ways to build strength and muscle mass. Ultimately, it depends on your own personal fitness goals.

If you're interested in finding some good deals on other forms of resistance equipment be sure to check out Fit&Well's Prime Day weights deals, or our guide to the best adjustable dumbbells.

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