7 home workout YouTube channels you should be tuning into

Whether you want to try yoga, burn fat, build muscle or get the kids active, there's a YouTube channel for you

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If you've not been to the gym in a few months, chances are you need some guidance when it comes to getting back to a regular fitness routine. Fortunately, there is a place in which you can find a seemingly-endless supply of free guided workouts: the world wide web.

There are plenty of YouTube channels out there providing lots of great health and fitness information, including talking you through lots of home workouts. For most of them, all you'll need is a small bit of floorspace and a laptop, TV or phone in front of you. No matter whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, get the kids involved or slow down with some yoga, we've got you covered.

YouTube channel for home workouts: MadFit

Fitness YouTuber and cookbook author Madeline Lymburner has over 4.2 million subscribers on her channel. It's full of home workout videos for lots of different fitness levels, lengths and goals, covering HIIT, tabata, glutes, shoulders, abs and more. 

We're especially a fan of her apartment-friendly workouts, which provides a great way to stay fit and avoid annoying your downstairs neighbours. 

YouTube channel for home workouts: Yoga With Adriene

One of the most popular YogaTubers on the internet, Yoga With Adriene has become a phenomenon, democratising yoga and bringing it out of the studio and into your home. All her videos are absolutely free, including a thirty-day course which introduces you to many of the most common yoga flows you could practice in a real studio.  

YouTube channels for home workouts: The Body Coach TV

Joe Wicks was a popular UK fitness personality even before lockdown. However, as schools closed due to the global health crisis, Joe took it upon himself to be "the nation's PE teacher", dressing up in a variety of silly costumes each week, from Spider-Man to King Arthur, to film a series of workouts suitable for everyone no matter their age or fitness level. 

His videos are an easy way to get the whole family working out together, and his channel also hosts plenty of more demanding HIIT workouts to get kids and grown-ups alike seriously fit.

YouTube channel for home workouts: Bodybuilding.com

If building muscle is your thing, Bodybuilding.com should be your number one YouTube destination. You don't have to be striving for Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous bod to take advantage of their in-depth tutorials on every aspect of muscle-building: everyone, young or old, beginner or advanced, can learn more about the basics of resistance training. The channel also hosts some very challenging at-home workouts for more experienced fitness fans. 

YouTube channel for home workouts: PopSugar Fitness

The lively women's brand PopSugar has a wildly successful fitness-based YouTube channel full to the brim with home workouts from some of the world's top guest trainers. From Instagram superstar Kayla Itsines' tried and true moves to dynamic cardio dance workouts and strength sets, PopSugar's upbeat style of fitness is a great way to get you moving. 

YouTube channel for home workouts: Jenny McClendon

Aerobics instructor Jenny McClendon's YouTube channel has millions of viewers, but her most popular videos are those targeted at seniors and beginners. With low and moderate-intensity aerobics workouts, McClendon is helping people of all ages stay fit at home, no equipment needed. 

YouTube channel for home workouts: Athlean-X

Another channel dedicated to building muscle, Athlean-X is a wildly popular YouTube channel chock full of home workouts. Although there's plenty of ground-up tutorials on this page, Athlean-X is most often geared towards the intermediate training enthusiast, helping them solve problems such as lower back pain and tight shoulders in addition to helping viewers lose fat and build muscle. 

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