Bum and tum workout challenge: get toned in just 30 days

Our 2-in-1 bum and tum workout plan will result in a firmer bum and flatter tum in just one month

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Welcome to our 30-day bum and tum workout challenge! If you're looking to build a firmer, perkier butt along with a more toned tum, this is the challenge for you.

We've enlisted to the help of  personal trainer Hannah Bright to create this 2-in-1 workout plan. Designed to whip your bum (that's your butt, for our North American readers) and tum into shape sharpish, it incorporates some of the best glute exercises and best ab workouts. But that's not all...

As well as targeting your bum and tum in one go, the plan will also help you to burn fat. The plan involves big compound moves such as squats and thrusts, which incorporate a lot of muscle groups - which in turn means more calories burned.

Ready to get started? First you'll need to move the six key moves that make up our 30-day bum and tum workout challenge...

Bum and tum workout challenge: six key moves

Our 30-day bum and tum workout challenge is built around six key moves, which are outlined below. 

It begins with three basic moves - hip thrusts, squats and donkey kicks -which you'll do during the first half of the challenge. From there, we progress to three more advanced moves: sumo deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts and V tucks. 

You'll need a set of dumbbells for the deadlifts. The weight you chose to work with is up to you, based on your starting strength and ability. If in doubt, start light to avoid injury - you can always increase the load as you feel more capable. A set of adjustable dumbbells is a good option, as they allow you to increase and decrease the load as you like - check out our pick of the best adjustable dumbbells if you don't already own some.

Hip thrusts

Woman wearing workout clothing doing a hip thrust move

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  • Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on floor and hands by your sides. 
  • Engage core and glutes and lift your hips off the floor, so you form a straight line from your chest to your knees. 
  • Pause, then lower down.


Woman wearing workout clothing doing a squat exercise move

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  • Stand with feet hip-width apart. 
  • Bend knees and push your bottom back and down into a squat position. 
  • Keep your chest up and look forwards. 
  • Push up through your legs and return to the start.

Loving the squats? We don't blame you - they're one of the very best moves you can do for your booty! Discover more variations in our comprehensive how to do squats guide, or else consider trying our 30-day squats challenge.

Donkey kicks

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  • Go on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.
  • Lift right leg up behind you so your thigh is in line with your bottom, the sole of your foot is facing the ceiling and your knee is making a right angle. 
  • Pause and lower down, then repeat with your left leg.

Sumo deadlifts

Woman wearing workout clothing doing a sumo squat exercise move with dumbbells

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  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart with a dumbbell in each hand (in overhand grip). 
  • Squat down, lowering the dumbbells in between your legs. 
  • Engage core and glutes and push back up to standing.

Romanian deadlifts

Woman wearing workout clothing doing a Romanian deadlift exercise move with dumbbells

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  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees soft, torso upright, holding a dumbbell in each hand (in overhand grip). 
  • Hinge forwards at your hips and push your butt back, keeping legs fairly straight – your torso should end up almost parallel to the floor. 
  • To finish, push your butt forward – your torso should follow – until you’re back in the starting position.

Fan of the deadlifts? This dynamic weightlifting move is particularly great for toning and strengthening your legs, butt and lower back, which can help prevent posture problems and back pain in later life - bonus. Check out our guide on how to do a deadlift for more variations on the move, or - if you feel ready to take on a new challenge - see our article on how to deadlift properly with barbells.

V tucks

Woman wearing workout clothing doing a V tuck exercise move

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  • Sit on the floor, knees bent at 90° and arms outstretched in front of you. 
  • Lift your feet off the floor then, as you extend your legs out in front of you, slightly lean your torso back by around 45°.
  • Engage your muscles to bring your torso and legs back to the starting position.

Bum and tum workout challenge: your 30-day plan

Once you've got the moves down, you're ready to get started on our 30-day bum and tum workout challenge.

Below you'll find which moves you need to do one each day of the challenge, along with how many reps to perform. As outlined above, the first half of the challenge starts with the basic moves, progressing to the more advanced moves in the latter half. Each day that passes you'll increase the number of reps you do of each move in order to build up slowly, which will allow you to focus on your form (and in turn will help prevent injury).

You'll also be pleased to learn that the plan includes several rest days. No matter how good you're feeling, don't be tempted to skip these! Giving your body time to recover after exercise is so important, as this is when the muscles recuperate.

All set? Let's do this!

Day 1

5 x Hip thrust

5 x Squat

5 x Donkey kick

Day 2

6 x Hip thrust

6 x Squat

6 x Donkey kick

Day 3

7 x Hip thrust

7 x Squat

7 x Donkey kick

Day 4

8 x Hip thrust

8 x Squat

8 x Donkey kick

Day 5

REST DAY! Consider taking a bath, getting a massage or grabbing a foam roller to roll out your aching muscles. We've picked the best foam rollers for you.

Day 6

9 x Hip thrusts

9 x Squats

9 x Donkey kicks

Day 7

10 x Hip thrusts

10 x Squats

10 x Donkey kicks

Day  8

11 x Hip thrusts

11 x Squats

11 x Donkey kicks

Day 9

12 x Hip thrusts

12 x Squats

12 x Donkey kicks

Day 10


Day 11

14 x Hip thrusts

14 x Squats

14 x Donkey kicks

Day 12

16 x Hip thrusts

16 x Squats

16 x Donkey kicks

Day 13

18 x Hip thrusts

18 x Squats

18 x Donkey kicks

Day 14

14 x Hip thrusts

14 x Squats

14 x Donkey kicks

Day 15


Day 16

5 x Sumo deadlifts

5 x Romanian deadlifts

5 x V tucks

Day 17

6 x Sumo deadlifts

6 x Romanian deadlifts

6 x V tucks

Day 18

7 x Sumo deadlifts

7 x Romanian deadlifts

7 x V tucks

Day 19

8 x Sumo deadlifts

8 x Romanian deadlifts

8 x V tucks

Day 20


Day 21

9 x Sumo deadlifts

9 x Romanian deadlifts

9 x V tucks

Day 22

10 x Sumo deadlifts

10 x Romanian deadlifts

10 x V tucks

Day 23

11 x Sumo deadlifts

11 x Romanian deadlifts

11 x V tucks

Day 24

12 x Sumo deadlifts

12 x Romanian deadlifts

12 x V tucks

Day 25


Day 26

14 x Sumo deadlifts

14 x Romanian deadlifts

14 x V tucks

Day 27

16 x Sumo deadlifts

16 x Romanian deadlifts

16 x V tucks

Day 28

18 x Sumo deadlifts

18 x Romanian deadlifts

18 x V tucks

Day 29

20 x Sumo deadlifts

20 x Romanian deadlifts

20 x V tucks

Day 30


Congratulations! You’ve completed our 30-day bum and tum workout challenge! Share your results with us on Instagram @wearefitandwell.

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