30-day squats challenge: tone your butt, legs AND core

Start your month right with our killer squats challenge that'll help you get leaner legs and a toned tum and bum

30-day squats challenge to tone your booty
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Ready to take on our 30-day squats challenge? Then let's get toning!

Squats are all about buns of steel, right? Well, whilst they are one of the best glutes exercises you can do, this popular gym move can do so much more than leave you with a pert derrière. Squats target your whole leg, particularly your quads, as well as your core. 

That said, if you want squats to be properly booty-focused, Fit & Well’s personal trainer Lucy Gornall recommends activating your glutes before you begin: do a basic squat with a resistance band, or place your toes on a slightly raised platform and feel the stretch. 

And a toned booty, legs and tum aren’t the only benefits of squatting like it’s hot. ‘Squats help strengthen ligaments and enhance flexibility,’ says Lucy. ‘They increase the range of motion in our hips and ankles and improve our balance’. 

We’ve included six squat variations in our 30-day squat challenge program to target every bit of you – one will even get your heart pumping! Get ready to drop down... 

30-day squats challenge: 6 key moves

This plan includes three basic squat moves and three more advanced variations to give your body an extra boost. ‘Maintain your gaze directly in front of you and keep your back straight to avoid injury,’ says Lucy. ‘Drop low enough so your thighs are parallel to the ground. This ensures your legs are working and boosts flexibility.’ 

Form is key when it comes to squatting. If you need more guidance, take a look at our comprehensive how to do squats guide.

  • Basic squat

Basic squat

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Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keep your feet flat and back straight, then lower into a sitting position. Lift your arms out in front of you to balance. Hold for three seconds, then push your heels into the floor and drive up to standing. 

  • Sumo squat

Sumo squat

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Stand with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, with your feet and knees turned out. With your hands clasped in front of you, lower into a squat position. Hold for 3 seconds, then return to starting position. 

  • Jump squat

Jump squat

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Stand with feet hip-width apart and perform a basic squat. As you start to come back up, swing your arms back to create momentum and jump up as high as you can. Land on slightly bent knees, before squatting down again and repeating. Repeat reps in a smooth, continuous cycle. This can be classed as a cardio move as it gets the heart pumping big time! 

  • Narrow squat

Narrow squat

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Stand with your feet together and repeat the basic squat move, keeping your legs close and knees touching. Clasp your hands together out in front of you to keep your balance. Hold for three seconds, then drive back up to the starting position. This squat is a great test of balance.

  • Eagle squat

Eagle squat

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Start with your legs together. Lift your right leg over your left leg, so they’re crossed. Interlink your arms
so your right elbow is underneath the left and your palms are touching. Squat down, hold for three seconds, then switch sides and repeat. 

  • Bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian split squat

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Stand in front of a chair, box or step with your hands clasped. Lift your left leg back to rest the front of your foot on the box (front knee should be slightly bent). Bend both knees to lower into a lunge, with the back knee pointing towards the floor. Pause, then return to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat. 

Your 30-day squats challenge workout plan

Once you’ve mastered the six moves above, get started with this 30-day squats challenge.

If you’re a beginner then your body weight will be enough to test you. However if you want more of a challenge, add weights into your workout to up the burn rate. Take a look at our pick of the best kettlebells or the best adjustable dumbbells if you don’t already own any.

One more tip: if you want to boost your flexibility, rise your arms while squatting. You may be surprised how hard this is! 

Day 1

5 x Basic squat

5 x Narrow squat

5 x Sumo squat

Day 2

6 x Basic squat

6 x Narrow squat

6 x Sumo squat

Day 3

7 x Basic squat

7 x Narrow squat

7 x Sumo squat

Day 4

8 x Basic squat

8 x Narrow squat

8 x Sumo squat

Day 5

REST DAY! Grab your best foam roller and do some recovery exercises

Day 6

9 x Basic squat

9 x Narrow squat

9 x Sumo squat

Day 7

10 x Basic squat

10 x Narrow squat

10 x Sumo squat

Day 8

11 x Basic squat

11 x Narrow squat

11 x Sumo squat

Day 9

12 x Basic squat

12 x Narrow squat

12 x Sumo squat

Day 10


Day 11

14 x Basic squat

14 x Narrow squat

14 x Sumo squat

Day 12

16 x Basic squat

16 x Narrow squat

16 x Sumo squat

Day 13

18 x Basic squat

18 x Narrow squat

18 x Sumo squat

Day 14

20 x Basic squat

20 x Narrow squat

20 x Sumo squat

Day 15


Day 16

5 x Eagle squat

5 x Jump squat

5 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 17

6 x Eagle squat

6 x Jump squat

6 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 18

7 x Eagle squat

7 x Jump squat

7 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 19

8 x Eagle squat

8 x Jump squat

8 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 20

Rest day

Day 21

9 x Eagle squat

9 x Jump squat

9 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 22

10 x Eagle squat

10 x Jump squat

10 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 23

11 x Eagle squat

11 x Jump squat

11 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 24

12 x Eagle squat

12 x Jump squat

12 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 25


Day 26

14 x Eagle squat

14 x Jump squat

14 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 27

16 x Eagle squat

16 x Jump squat

16 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 28

18 x Eagle squat

18 x Jump squat

18 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 29

20 x Eagle squat

20 x Jump squat

20 x Bulgarian split squat

Day 30


Congrats - you’ve reached the end of our 30-day squats challenge!

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