30-day abs challenge: get stronger abs in just one month

Spend less than five minutes a day on these short routines and you'll finish this 30-day abs challenge with a stronger midsection

Take our 30 day abs challenge to develop a stronger midsection
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Armed with the right training plan and the motivation to stick with it you can achieve a lot in a month. This 30-day abs challenge provides the plan, so if you’ve got the dedication to stick to it then a stronger, more defined core is just a month away.

This plan has been created by Amy Tarr, a personal trainer and founder of Giant Leap Training, and combines a variety of abs exercises to target different parts of your core, including your lower abs and obliques. 

“These exercises target your deep core, waist, and upper and lower abs,” says Tarr. “Plus, they’ll improve your core stability.”

Back up your efforts with this challenge by making smart choices in the kitchen—we recommend trying this healthy eating challenge which provides the recipes to help you increase your fruit and veg intake—and after 30 days you’ll notice the difference in your abs.

Flush with success, keep the momentum going by tackling our 30-day arms challenge or 30-day legs challenge.

30-day abs challenge exercises

The abs challenge picks three of the six exercises below to do each day, and gradually increases the reps or time you have to hold a position each day.

“There can be a temptation to rush through sets without properly engaging your core muscles,” says Tarr. “Keep it slow and steady to ensure your abdominals are worked properly and your back is protected.”

Standing torso rotation

Woman demonstrates two positions of the standing torso rotation

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Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and clasp your hands behind your head. Tense your abs and keep them tense while you twist your upper body to the right, keeping your head and torso in line. Hold the position for three seconds, then twist to the left. That’s one rep. Avoid leaning forward as you perform the movement.

Boat pose

Woman demonstrates boat pose

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This is also known as Navasana in yoga. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and your hands on the floor by your sides. Tense your abs and keeping your back straight throughout, lean back slightly and raise your legs off the floor, so you form a ‘V’ shape with your body. Extend your arms forwards so they’re parallel to your legs.

Lying knee tucks

Woman demonstrates two positions of the lying knee tuck

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Lie on your back with your spine in a neutral position—so it's straight and comfortable—and your hands on the floor by your sides. Keeping your spine neutral throughout, lift your legs off the floor then bring your knees to your chest. Reverse the movement to the start.

Mountain climber

Woman demonstrates the Spiderman plank

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Start in a high plank position with your feet hip-width apart and your arms straight and your hands underneath your shoulders. Bring your left knee as close to your left elbow as you can, then return to the starting position, before repeating on the other side. That’s one rep. Unlike normal mountain climbers, which are done at pace, keep your movements slow and controlled.


Woman demonstrates two positions of the walk-out exercise

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Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Fold forward, bending your knees, and place your palms on the floor. Walk your hands forward until your hands are under your shoulders in a high plank position. Hold for three to five seconds before walking back on your hands to return to a standing position.

Windscreen wiper

Woman performs two positions of the windscreen wiper exercise

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Lie on your back with your arms out to the sides. Keeping your legs straight and together, raise them so they are pointing at the ceiling. Lower your legs to one side as far as you can before returning them to the center and lowering them to the other side. That's one rep. 

30-day abs challenge day by day

Ready to put those moves into action? Get going with your 30-day abs workout plan below!

When doing the moves, think about your breathing and try to keep your abdominals engaged throughout the exercise. Also, if you find that your neck aches, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will prevent the neck muscles from tensing too much.

Day 1

5 x Standing torso rotation

10 seconds x Boat pose 

5 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 2

6 x Standing torso rotation

12 seconds x Boat pose 

6 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 3

7 x Standing torso rotation

14 seconds x Boat pose 

7 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 4

8 x Standing torso rotation

16 seconds x Boat pose 

8 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 5

9 x Standing torso rotation

18 seconds x Boat pose 

9 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 6

10 x Standing torso rotation

20 seconds x Boat pose 

10 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 7

11 x Standing torso rotation

22 seconds x Boat pose 

11 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 8

Rest day.

Day 9

12 x Standing torso rotation

24 seconds x Boat pose 

12 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 10

13 x Standing torso rotation

26 seconds x Boat pose 

13 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 11

14 x Standing torso rotation

28 seconds x Boat pose 

14 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 12

15 x Standing torso rotation

30 seconds x Boat pose 

15 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 13

16 x Standing torso rotation

32 seconds x Boat pose 

16 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 14

17 x Standing torso rotation 

34 seconds x Boat pose 

17 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 15

18 x Standing torso rotation

36 seconds x Boat pose 

18 x Lying knee tuck 

Day 16

Rest day

Day 17

5 x Mountain climber

5 x Walk-out

5 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 18

6 x Mountain climber

6 x Walk-out

6 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 19

7 x Mountain climber

7 x Walk-out

7 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 20

8 x Mountain climber

8 x Walk-out

8 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 21

9 x Mountain climber

9 x Walk-out

9 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 22

10 x Mountain climber

10 x Walk-out

10 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 23

11 x Mountain climber

11 x Walk-out

11 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 24

Rest day

Day 25

12 x Mountain climber

12 x Walk-out

12 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 26

13 x Mountain climber

13 x Walk-out

13 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 27

14 x Mountain climber

14 x Walk-out

14 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 28

16 x Mountain climber

16 x Walk-out

16 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 29

18 x Mountain climber

18 x Walk-out

18 x Windscreen wiper 

Day 30

20 x Mountain climber

20 x Walk-out

20 x Windscreen wiper 

Congratulations! You’ve completed our 30-day abs challenge.

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