20 minutes, no weights, and a low impact workout to burn fat fast

This short workout is great for burning calories and fat fast without putting pressure on your joints

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Joint pain can cause a lot of discomfort as well as limit what kind of exercise you can safely, and enjoyably, take part in. Rather than this be a hindrance to any fitness goals you may have - whether that's losing weight so you're joints are carrying less load or because you're trying to stay as mobile as possible as you get older - there are plenty of effective low-impact workouts for you to try.

This 20-minute bodyweight workout is a great one to try out. Despite the fact there is no jumping involved, you are guaranteed to burn fat fast with the high-intensity routine. No need to worry about using any equipment but you do have the option to place one of the best yoga mats below you for some extra padding.

The video which was shared on the Blue Star Nutraceuticals YouTube channel, features some of the best exercises for weight loss minus any moves that could put stress on your knees. The workout is led by 47-year-old James Johnson, a newly transformed fitness junkie, who completely transformed his body and health through similar workouts.

You will begin the workout with a short warm-up to ease muscles and joints into the exercise and then you will complete two circuits consisting of eight exercises each. Each movement will be performed for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds rest. Don't forget to keep one of the best water bottles by your side to stay hydrated as you work.


This fast-paced workout is not only a great way to burn fat fast but it will really help you build up your strength and fitness and this may allow your joints to withstand different kinds of exercise. 

Many people turn to running when they want to lose weight but if you suffer from weak joints you may want to find out is running bad for your knees? While running isn't necessarily unsafe for your joints, the reason people often experience things like knee injuries from the sport is that they go into it with poor form, over train or lack strength in their joints.

But building yourself up to this with short, low impact, bodyweight training style workouts like the one above is a much safer and more sustainable way to improve your fitness and body.

As an FYI, you don't need to work at the exact same pace as Johnson when you try this workout. The great thing about video workouts is that of course you can complete them from the comfort of your own home but it also means you can press pause and play when you need a break. Below is a list of the workout exercises.

High Intensity Low Impact Bodyweight Workout Script

  • High Knees
  • Squat + Knee
  • Cross Body High Knee
  • Walkout Push ups
  • Shoulder Tap Plank
  • Spiderman Push ups
  • Supermans
  • Lying Scissor Kicks

Another bonus of this no equipment workout is you will be using your bodyweight to create resistance as opposed to using weights. Strength training movements of this nature apply a solid level of force helping you to develop things like strength, power, endurance and balance.

You can add in an additional level of force via a set of the best resistance bands if you feel like increasing the intensity some more. 

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