Check out this stylish, eco-friendly workout clothing collection from one of our favorite yoga brands

With an array of colours the range is made from regenerated nylon

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We literally lived in gym wear while we were stuck working from home - and yoga leggings and tops made for the comfiest choice.

So we're excited to see that one of our favourite yoga wear brands, Yogamatters, has bought out an eco-friendly line called Reclaim clothing - made from regenerated nylon.

The collection, which includes their crop tops, the eco reclaim vest and eco reclaim leggings, were introduced after research from PFS and LiveArea found that a new ‘conscious consumer’ has emerged from the coronavirus lockdown.

Yogamatters Eco Rise Yoga Mat also tops our guide to the best yoga mats, so you know you're in good hands with this brand.

Many sportswear brands have opted to be more sustainable, using organic materials to make their leggings, sports bras and even trainers - while we also celebrate the best eco-friendly leggings.

While this range from Yogamatters is made from ECONYL, a regenerated nylon fabric made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic, fishing nets and leftover fabrics. While amazingly the fabric performs exactly the same as brand-new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again - which we absolutely love.

Twanna Doherty, managing director at Yogamatters says that even though some brands have jumped on the 'sustainability' bandwagon it was something they feel passionately about: "Sustainability isn't a buzzword for us, it's a part of an ongoing journey to being more mindful about the products we make and the customers we serve."

The range is very inclusive too - catering for different colour tastes and sizes - ranging from a UK 8 to18.

The eco-friendly crop tops give low to medium support - so perfect for a slow yoga practice. Priced at £32, they come in four different colourways - black, white and cranberry, graphite and midnight and midnight and cranberry. While their Eco reclaim vests, £29, are loose-fitting vests - which come in four colours. 

We particularly love their eco-friendly stretchy leggings - which are not only perfect for flowing from a downward dog to a sun solution but also great for hiking and cycling. Our favourite colour is cranberry, which will definitely get you noticed if you wear them out and about. 

The whole range is available now via the Yogamatters website. 

Sarah Finley

Sarah is a freelance journalist who writes about fitness and wellbeing for the BBC, Woman&Home and Tech Radar. During lockdown she found her love of running outside again and now attempts to run around 50 miles a month. When it comes to other fitness, she loves a sweaty cardio session – although since she’s been working out from home she’s sure her downstairs neighbors aren’t too happy about it. She also loves to challenge herself - and has signed up to do hiking holidays, intense bootcamps and last year she went on her dream activity holiday: paddle boarding around deserted islands in Croatia. On her rest days, she loves to recover with a simple yoga flow session – the perfect antidote to her active fitness schedule.