Fit&Well Awards 2022: Share your fitness story and win a rowing machine!

What's transformed your health and fitness? Share with the Fit&Well Awards and be in the with chance of winning a rower

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The Fit&Well Awards are back for 2022 and we want to hear from our readers. Has something in particular transformed your relationship or journey with fitness and health? Whether it's a certain product, brand, or type of activity that you can't live without, we want to hear about it. 

Not only will you be able to share this with fellow Fit&Well readers and help other people out in their own fitness journeys, but you will also have the chance at winning one of the best rowing machines on the market right now, the ProForm Pro 750R Rower.

All you have to do is send an email to us at with a short summary of what it is that's helped you kickstart or improve your health and fitness. Once you have reached out to us, that's you entered in the prize draw for the rowing machine and we will be in touch if we want to hear more about your story! 

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Don't worry if you're unsure whether or not your entry is applicable or not to take part in the 2022 Fit&Well Awards. We aren't just looking to acknowledge the biggest or most impressive stories, we also want to celebrate the little things in the fitness and health world that have made a genuine difference to your life. 

It might be a new piece of fitness equipment you bought over lockdown to keep fit at home that you can't imagine living without now. Perhaps you owe a lot to one of the best exercise bikes or you think you have discovered a pair of the best running shoes for men that has set you off on the right foot for becoming a running addict.

Or maybe you picked up a new activity like yoga that has had a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Have you found a great stress-buster that helps settle your mind, such as getting in your daily steps or learning to meditate? Perhaps you stand by by a certain diet or food that has cleared up your skin, or gut, or massively helped you to lose stubborn fat.

My entry would be that I began increasing my protein intake a couple of years ago to complement my exercise and I have never looked back. It sounds small, but ensuring I get enough protein in my daily meals, such as my favorite morning oats mixed in with one of the best protein powders for weight loss, has meant I now feel heaps stronger when I workout and in everyday life. What's your story?

Jessica Downey

Jessica is an experienced fitness writer with a passion for running. Her career in journalism began in local news and she holds a Masters in journalism. Jessica has previously written for Runners World, penning news and features on fitness, sportswear and nutrition. 

When she isn't writing up news and features for Fit&Well covering topics ranging from muscle building, to yoga, to female health and so on, she will be outdoors somewhere, testing out the latest fitness equipment and accessories to help others find top products for their own fitness journeys. Her testing pairs up nicely with her love for running. She recently branched out to running 10Ks and is trying to improve her time before moving on to larger races. Jessica also enjoys building on her strength in the gym and is a believer in health and wellness beginning in the kitchen. She shares all of this on her running Instagram account @jessrunshere which she uses for accountability and for connecting with like-minded fitness lovers.