Fitbit will now deliver Deepak Chopra's expert mindfulness tips to your wrist

Famed MD and guru Deepak Chopra is coming to your Fitbit, as part of the smartwatch's latest round of features

Mindful listening with Fitbit and Deepak Chopra
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Fitbit has partnered with wellness guru and MD Deepak Chopra to launch Deepak Chopra’s Mindful Method, a "wellness collection" of 20-minute guided mindfulness sessions exclusive to Fitbit Premium subscribers – and on your wrist, if you've got one of the best Fitbit entries to go along with your subscription. 

Mindfulness is an incredibly popular and effective tool for fighting stress. Usually practiced through meditation, it's been proven time and time again that repeated meditations can benefit suffers of anxiety and meditation: for example, the Journal of the American Medical Association found meditation can result in "moderate reductions of multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress". And in a global pandemic, we're all suffering some form of psychological stress. 

More than one-third of people across the globe report physical and mental side effects of stress, which (if unmanaged over time) can lead to negative health effects such as headaches, increased risk of cardiac disease, obesity and depression. There's a number of great techniques anyone can use to fight the symptoms of stress before resorting to therapy and medication. These are all the obvious candidates: exercise, getting into nature and, of course, meditation.

Guided meditation is a great way to get started: as we begin, it's very easy to get bored, distracted or even frustrated by the prospect of sitting and just "doing nothing". Guided meditations tend to speak instructions into our ears, keeping us on the straight and narrow during our time spent practicing mindfulness. We've also, of course, got a great guide on how to meditate to ease you in. 


Fitbit and Deepak Chopra

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Deepak Chopra's Mindful Method is a collection of 10 audio and video sessions, each under 20 minutes, to guide you through mindfulness exercises to manage stress, build awareness and incorporate mindfulness practices throughout the day.

Chopra said: "I share Fitbit’s belief that mindfulness and mental wellbeing are critical centerpieces of your health that are interconnected with physical wellbeing and other aspects like building immunity against illness, your activity and energy levels.

“As a long-time Fitbit user, I am thrilled to share my mindfulness philosophy and practices to help anyone around the world establish and maintain a mindfulness practice no matter if you are just starting out or have been practicing for years."

Chopra's content can be used by anyone with a Fitbit Premium subscription (and check out our Fitbit deals page to grab a bargain on a great accompanying tracker) but it's perhaps best used on the Fitbit Sense, which has an electrodermal activity sensor to track your body's response to stress. You'll be able to see your body's reactions before, during and after the mindfulness session in real time – check out our Fitbit Sense deals page for more.

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