Fitbit Sense deals: Get Fitbit's top-tier smartwatch for less right now

These are the best Fitbit Sense deals available right now. Time to snap up Fitbit's best watch yet

Fitbit Sense deals
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The best Fitbit Sense deals are amongst the best Fitbit deals period. This top Fitbit smartwatch is chock-full of the latest tech, including a next-level screen, pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram, smartwatch functionality and all the usual fitness tracking features. 

Having launched in September 2020 it's still a relatively new Fitbit product, which means good deals are tough to come by, but we've sniffed out the best prices for the top fitness watch. Check them out below!

Best cheap Fitbit Sense deals live right now

Why get a Fitbit Sense, we hear you ask? For starters, it's billed as "the company's most advanced health smartwatch to date", which is saying something. After all, Fitbit has launched the Ionic, the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Versa series of activity trackers and fitness watches.

But the Sense is said to out-smart them all with more fitness-tracking and smartwatch-style features than you can shake a dumbbell at.

Fitbit Sense deals by retailer

Fitbit Sense deals

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The Fitbit Versa 3 builds upon the success of the rest of the Versa range of fitness watches, with built-in Amazon Alexa functionality just like its predecessor, and the ability to take calls directly to your watch with the included speaker. Meanwhile, the Inspire 2 is more of a "pure" fitness band, with a small OLED screen, massive 10-day battery life and slender, inconspicuous design. 

The Fitbit Sense, however, has the most advanced design of the lot. A brand new electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor is included on the back of the watch, which is said to help manage your stress levels. 

The Sense actually reads your emotional responses in more sophisticated ways than ever and presents them to you in the form of a "stress" metric, complete with emoticons. The Fitbit Sense is said to be the first smartwatch to ever do this. 

Advanced heart rate tracking technology is present along with a new electrocardiogram app, or ECG. It doesn't just measure your pulse, but monitors the electric activity of your heart to obtain more accurate readings than ever. The Fitbit Sense is also packing an on-wrist skin temperature sensor. 

Fitbit Sense deals

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The watch's six days of battery life is better than most fitness smartwatches, although the 1.58in OLED display is still as bright as ever. The physical button on the Versa 2 has been replaced with a new haptic sensor on the side of the watch. 

Fitbit's usual suite of features, updated for the next generation of fitness hardware, is also on the watch in full capacity. These include using your stress score to recommend guided meditations, GPS capabilities, music control, the usual tracking of heart rate, calories burned and loads more. 

Active "zones" can tell you much more about your workout. If your body is telling the Fitbit Sense you're in the "fat-burning zone", you know that's where you need to keep your heart rate in order to encourage fat loss. Likewise with endurance goals: if your designated zone changes, you know to slow down or speed up your workout accordingly. 

Fitbit Premium is even better. For a subscription fee, you get thousands of new workouts, including guided workouts tailored to your individual goals and previous achievements. This is in addition to extra health metrics hidden behind Fitbit's paywall and advanced sleep tracking features. This costs $9.99 per month in the US, and £7.99 per year in the UK

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