From Yoga With Adriene to Joe Wicks: How much are fitness influencers worth?

Which are the top-earning fitness influencers and online personal trainers? From Instagram to Youtube, we break it down

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We've been using lots of digital fitness tools in lockdown, from the best online personal trainer and fitness apps to YouTube and Instagram workouts. Some of the most popular fitness influencers, like Joe Wicks, Kayla Itsines and Yoga with Adriene, have become household names in their own right as digital follow-along workouts began to replace the gym. 

One thing many of us are interested in is how much our favourite fitness influencers are worth. The team at From Mars have analysed how much many of our favourite fitness influencers are (probably) making annually or monthly, in addition to how much money is being made by post. 

Australian fitness superstar Kayla Itsines tops the Instagram list. With 12,600,000 followers, she makes an enormous total of $2,336,104 per month. 

She's followed by USA bodybuilder Ulisses Jr, who makes around $1,188,341 per month with 7.8 million followers. Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, rounds out the top 10 with $443,715 earnings per month. 

On YouTube, home workout channel Fitness Blender reigns supreme. Despite not having the largest number of subscribers, it's the top earning YouTube channel in the fitness sphere, with over 1 billion views making for an estimated $132,860,629 total earnings. 

Next up is Cassy Ho's Blogilates, with over 800,000,000 total views, and Yoga With Adriene, with 738,114,607 views and an estimated $74,673,445 earnings.

It's a fascinating insight into how lucrative it can be for the few people who really succeed at being fitness influencers, especially during an era in which everyone is at home, relying on the internet for fitness content as they're unable to get to the gym. 

According to the From Mars study, female influencers earned 50% more per post than men. The average earning per post for women was £8,312, compared to £5,529 for men.

You can get started with some of the online personal trainers above, and loads more, by clicking the links and selecting a few workouts to follow along. You can access loads more by checking out our seven home workout YouTube channels you should be tuning into

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