Grow your glutes muscles in just 15 minutes with this resistance band workout

No time for a big lower body day? No problem, use this quick glute-focused resistance band routine instead

Woman training her glutes with a resistance band
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Although the glutes are sometimes seen as one of the more superficial areas of the body to train, the gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the human body and is responsible for keeping the trunk (torso) of your body upright. Whether you want to train your glutes for greater lower body strength or to carve out a perkier behind, this 15-minute resistance band will help you get there.

Some will say you can only achieve muscle hypertrophy by lifting heavy such as learning how to deadlift properly with a barbell or with a set of the best adjustable dumbbells. But this isn't the case; many of the best glute exercises involve time under tension, which is a key ingredient for muscle growth.

This glute workout comes from fitness instructor, Maddie Lymburner best known online as MadFit. Lymburner combines strength-based exercises with cardio to create this glute burning workout and all you need to give it a go is yourself and one of the best resistance bands.

During the 15-minute workout period, you will perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. It adopts a HIIT-style format, so not only will you be engaging and growing your glutes but you will also be burning fat in this short session.

Watch MadFit's 15-Minute Glute Workout

Following MadFit's demonstrations and working at a high intensity, you will engage and challenge your glutes and other important muscles in your lower body. Moves like lunges and squats are great for developing muscle and definition in both your glutes and quads.

We've listed all the exercises you will need below to either use this workout on its own for a speedy lower body session or you could even use this as a warmup for your glutes before a weight lifting session.

  • In and out jumps
  • Criss cross with pulse
  • Lunge step back
  • Banded squats
  • Side step with jump

Once you have mastered proper form with your usual glute exercises and start to find your muscles are feeling less challenged by the moves, then you should consider increasing the challenge—this is known as progressive overload.

If you want to stick to using HIIT workouts for fat loss as you develop strength in your lower body then you might want to lower your rest periods or add in some light weight to the moves.

Alternatively, if you are eager to move onto heavier resistance training without following a high-intensity routine, then you should start working out with repetitions and sets of exercises. This way you can really hone in on achieving time under tension to promote muscle growth and can graduate onto heavier weights than you would be able to during a typical HIIT workout.

The bodyweight vs free weights debate is an ongoing one, but they both have individual benefits and can both lead to muscle growth results. The best thing you can do on your fitness journey is find what feels best for your body.

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