How this woman lost almost half her bodyweight in fat over three years

Sydney's Hayley Westoby crushed her goals and fell back in love with fitness after a long time away

Hayley's 143lbs weight loss journey
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“When someone tells me that I can’t do something, I literally sit there and I’m like, 'watch me'.” Anyone who has doubted Hayley Westoby has only empowered and motivated her. The 29-year-old from Sydney weighed 302lbs at her heaviest after going out a lot at university, eating whatever she wanted and not doing as much exercise. 

But after seeing a weight loss television show featuring a woman who weighed less than her and a heated argument with an ex in which he called her ‘fat’, Hayley had a decision to make. 

She spoke to Truly, a YouTube channel running a series on transformations called Brand New Me, and said: “When you're presented [with] something like that, you have one of two ways to deal with it, you can either take it, feel sad about it, feel sorry for yourself and it doesn't actually benefit you. Or you can take it and run with it and make it what you will of it.” 

Watch Hayley's full inspiring weight loss story below: 

Hayley started moving more, which snowballed into gym goals, introduced a more balanced diet and set herself small, realistic goals. Over the course of three years, Hayley lost 143lbs and loves the life she lives now. 

Hayley feels more confident and comfortable in her body and is proud of the positive impact she has had on others. Hayley said: “It comes back to surrounding yourself with people that are supportive. I've got some of the biggest hype women and men in my life, and I love it because I'm their biggest hype woman.”

Hayley's 143lbs weight loss journey

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Hayley can be seen doing lots of resistance training, using the best adjustable dumbbells and the best kettlebell to burn fat and build muscle. Creating more muscle mass improves your long-term metabolism according to the UK's National Health Service, which found "muscle cells require more energy to maintain than fat cells, so people with more muscle than fat tend to have a faster metabolism".

Hayley lost the weight by setting small goals and making small, sensible changes over a period of three years. By building muscle and increasing her metabolism, Hayley then lowers the risk of "yo-yoing" back to her original weight by boosting the way her body burns fat at rest. 

The most important part of Hayley's journey was losing fat in a simple, sustainable way through healthy choices and achievable goals. It takes time, and patience, but there are no short-cuts. And Hayley found the rewards are worth it.